The taxpayer picks up the tab for officer misconduct

Did you know that the City of Edmonton pays any penalties, costs, and legal defence for Edmonton Police Officers-- even if they are found guilty or at fault of misconduct, assault, or worse?

As part of building a police service we can all be proud of, we need to receive regular updates as to costs incurred, plans to eliminate them, and lobby the provincial government for changes to the Police Act to make it easer to remove problem officers.

Questions for the Edmonton Police Commission (Jan 17th, 2022)

Thank you for your emails to my office regarding the Edmonton Police. I know that we are committed to building an Edmonton Police Service that we can all be proud of.

Many of you wrote me with concerns about police misconduct, oversight, and transparency. 

According to the chief, there were over 1300 allegations of misconduct last year against officers. We all want to see a reduction in those numbers, seeing good officers rewarded and bad officers removed from service. No one should have to worry that the officer who shows up when they call for help, may themselves be a danger.

I tried to summarize and theme many of your concerns and sent questions forward to the Edmonton Police Commission Councillors (January 17th, 2022) and the Chair of the Commission indicated that a response will be discussed this Thursday at the March 17th, EPC Meeting. As part of my commitment to transparency and oversight, I look forward to receiving it and sharing it with you.

If you have questions yourself, you can always reach out to the Edmonton Police Commission here: https://edmontonpolicecommission.com/meetings/

Learn more: www.michaeljanz.ca/policeaccountability

Curbing Excessive Executive Compensation


As Peter Loughheed said, “We must think like owners.” and ensure the interests of Edmontonians are protected. It is important to remember that every dollar spent on compensation is another dollar that could be returned to the City of Edmonton as a dividend, thus funding important services and potentially reducing reliance on property taxes. During the election I heard loud and clear from voters that housing the unhoused was much more important to them than lavish management compensation.

As reported in CTV News: City councillor says EPCOR executives shouldn't be making Oilers salaries: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/city-councillor-says-epcor-executives-shouldn-t-be-making-oilers-salaries-1.5866392

Thank you to those of you who have written me with suggestions and other areas to investigate. I will raise these questions as a member of the Utility Committee.

Getting tough on problem properties

City Council will be tackling the issue of vacant, derelict, and problem properties that are harming our communities. We need to dramatically increase enforcement and financial penalties. 

So what can you do? Continue to call 311, issue complaints, collect documentation, and talk to your neighbours and the community league about issues you are facing. Reach out to my office [email protected] and let’s work together.

(Problem Properties Initiative Update will be coming to council April 11, 2022. Click here to read the report when available.)

Explainer: How can a citizen help hold Edmonton Police Accountable?

The recent story that Edmonton Police are facing a lawsuit by Pacey Dumas alleging egregious police brutality has made national headlines, and Edmontonians and Canadians are rightly demanding answers.

I’ve been asked by a few folks to provide a brief explainer on policing issues in Edmonton and how you as a citizen can make your voice heard. As a graduate of Citizen’s Police Academy, I thought I would dust off my binder and help try to provide a few questions I’ve received from the public.

Donation disclosure

Our donors

Here is a list of all the people who have donated over $50 to my campaign.

Ideally, the province should amend municipal election legislation to ensure all candidates are required to release this information before voting day. Voters should know who supports their candidates before they cast ballots, not after the ballots are counted. Nonetheless, here is my donors list, as of the end of day Oct 7th, 2021.

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