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(May 2nd 2022) City Hall Newsletter 🌍 🌲 🚲 ⚽️ 🏡

Dear Readers, I'm breaking these newsletters into two sections. The first is City Updates, the second portion will be an Environment Scan of issues arising in other cities in Canada to inform, delight, or provoke your imagination. 

Edmonton City Council Update:

As the winter weather warms, new challenges migrate and surface. Homelessness has almost doubled during the pandemic, but funding from the UCP and Premier Kenney has not.

In no particular order:

  • Transit Safety
  • Which Neighbourhoods have the most car crashes?
  • Snow and Ice
  • EPCOR CEO 2021 Compensation Increase (up almost a million to $3.1 Million!) 
  • Housing: Do we need an Empty Homes Tax?
  • Business Recovery
  • Problem Properties
  • Encampment Response
  • Transit Safety Response
  • Our First Six Months
  • Open Data: This Is YEG
  • Learn how to ride safely with your family
  • Book Club - This week!

Say Their Names: Police transparency around victims of homicide

Who does the silence serve? Why don't we know their names?

There has been an increasing amount of work on the topic of Police forces releasing names of victims of homicide in recent years, as there has been a marked shift in the way the police are reporting this information.

On February 24th, Edmonton Police killed two people. One, a suspect in a liquor store robbery, and two, an unrelated person in their apartment. Two months and two days later, we still do not know the name of the innocent person killed.


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