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March 12th City Hall E-News

March 12th City Hall E-News:

  • FAIR DEAL: Edmonton's not asking for a special deal, just a fair deal. Data shows Edmonton is receiving inadequate support compared to Calgary.
  • NEXT STOP: TRANSIT CAMP: What if taking transit was the FIRST CHOICE for your children or neighbours? Over 300 have RSVP'd to spend Saturday at Transit Camp to dig into building better transit for everyone!
  • BOOK LAUNCH: I'm certainly not a prohibitionist, but reading James Wilt's book was startling. Let's talk about alcohol policy, monopolies, corruption, public health, drugs, relaxation, and celebrate working class joy...
  • ROLLIE MILES REC CENTRE SPECS: Check out the new design and share your feedback.
  • AWAITING JUSTICE: CITYNEWS notes, two weeks later, still no answers. Edmonton Police Brutality caught on video. Officer duty status "under review". 🧐 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Taproot notes police officers are leaving, but why? The EPS spokesperson in this story has stains. Individual and systemic challenges.
  • OSBA CELEBRATIONS: Exciting news around District Whyte!

And as always... Provocations from around the internet....


March 5th City Hall E-News

March 5th City Hall E-News:

  • REMINDER: Over 250 of our neighbours will be joining Transit Camp 2023. We need your RSVP by March 15th for our catering.
  • REGRET: to inform you that Hawrelak park is closing on Monday, March 13th.
  • CELEBRATE: International Women's Day with discussion and dinner Wednesday March 8th ($25/sponsored)
  • FRUSTRATIONS: the UCP provincial budget: Edmonton deserves a fair deal
  • ENGAGE: West 240 & Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy
  • SHOVEL: Learn more about the City's Snow and Ice Strategy (hat tip to Councillor Tang) 
  • WARNING: Edmonton Police Brutality caught on video. Officer duty status "under review"

And as always... provocations from around the internet... and online links to the films from our Love in The Time of Fentanyl event!


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