Transit Camp 2023 Videos

In case you missed it, the videos from Transit Camp 2023 are now available for free online (https://www.michaeljanz.ca/transitcamp2023). Please give them a watch and share with other interested folks!

The three videos really do offer a "public transit 101" for anyone interested in transportation opportunities and challenges!

I also wanted to offer that I have a few copies of James Wilt's book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Cars?" that are available on loan if you didn't nab a copy.



Premier must provide real action on public safety In Alberta

With a few weeks until the provincial election, rumours are circulating that Premier Danielle Smith may announce temporary Sheriffs this week for public transit in Calgary and Edmonton. Temporary because they are likely to leave RIGHT AFTER THE ELECTION, just like the other 12 temporary Sheriffs sent into Chinatown. 

While some may welcome a few more temporary security personnel, to "solve" these problems, (many of which have been caused by the provincial government cuts, freezes, or neglect over the last 4 years)... More of the disorder we are seeing on the Southside is a result of displacement from downtown. We need ACTUAL action on mental health, addiction, poverty and disorder.
Band-aid announcements are not enough. I will share a few of the actions we are taking as city council, and try to provide you a deeper overview into the complexity of the issue.

Transit safety is really important to me, and I'm tired of pre-election gimmicks. Let's unpack the safety issue a bit further...

March 12th City Hall E-News

March 12th City Hall E-News:

  • FAIR DEAL: Edmonton's not asking for a special deal, just a fair deal. Data shows Edmonton is receiving inadequate support compared to Calgary.
  • NEXT STOP: TRANSIT CAMP: What if taking transit was the FIRST CHOICE for your children or neighbours? Over 300 have RSVP'd to spend Saturday at Transit Camp to dig into building better transit for everyone!
  • BOOK LAUNCH: I'm certainly not a prohibitionist, but reading James Wilt's book was startling. Let's talk about alcohol policy, monopolies, corruption, public health, drugs, relaxation, and celebrate working class joy...
  • ROLLIE MILES REC CENTRE SPECS: Check out the new design and share your feedback.
  • AWAITING JUSTICE: CITYNEWS notes, two weeks later, still no answers. Edmonton Police Brutality caught on video. Officer duty status "under review". 🧐 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Taproot notes police officers are leaving, but why? The EPS spokesperson in this story has stains. Individual and systemic challenges.
  • OSBA CELEBRATIONS: Exciting news around District Whyte!

And as always... Provocations from around the internet....


March 5th City Hall E-News

March 5th City Hall E-News:

  • REMINDER: Over 250 of our neighbours will be joining Transit Camp 2023. We need your RSVP by March 15th for our catering.
  • REGRET: to inform you that Hawrelak park is closing on Monday, March 13th.
  • CELEBRATE: International Women's Day with discussion and dinner Wednesday March 8th ($25/sponsored)
  • FRUSTRATIONS: the UCP provincial budget: Edmonton deserves a fair deal
  • ENGAGE: West 240 & Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy
  • SHOVEL: Learn more about the City's Snow and Ice Strategy (hat tip to Councillor Tang) 
  • WARNING: Edmonton Police Brutality caught on video. Officer duty status "under review"

And as always... provocations from around the internet... and online links to the films from our Love in The Time of Fentanyl event!


Feb 19th City Hall E-News

City Hall News: February 19th, 2023

  • DEBRIEF: Event Recap: Love in the Time of Fentanyl
  • TWEET: Orphan Wells vs. Edmonton
  • ACTION: Noisy vehicle tickets proposed to increase this week
  • READ: Widening Whyte Ave Sidewalks and adding Bus Rapid Transit
  • READ: Update on tax subclassing (via Councillor Erin Rutherford)
  • EVENT: The Gathering Storm documentary screening
  • EVENT: Beautiful Minds, fundraiser for the CMHA
  • REMINDER RSVP: TransitCamp2023
  • Provocations from around the web...

Feb 12th City Hall E-News

February 12th City Hall E-News

  • ACTION: RSVP for Transit Camp 2023
  • READ: Mansion Tax / Progressive taxation options to be discussed Wednesday
  • WATCH: Homeless Edmontonians at greater risk of facing health challenges
  • READ: City of Edmonton restricts Hiring, Travel, spending on consultants
  • READ: Forty-Two Percent of Ontario Condos Are Used As Investment Properties (The Maple)

City Hall E-News Feb 5th

A healthy city is a happy city. How we care, or fail to care, for the most vulnerable among us directly impacts the healthcare available for the rest of us.

This week, one of the big agenda items is a conversation with Dr. Chris Sikora, the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Edmonton. He's joining our Community Public Services Committee on Tuesday morning at 0930AM. I invite you to attend, speak, watch online, or submit questions you would like me to ask. REGISTER: https://pub-edmonton.escribemeetings.com/Meeting.aspx?Id=f0e0c375-a3fd-4f3c-a92f-1d63fc85517d&Agenda=Agenda&lang=English

Some of the general topics I would like covered are:

  • What are the negative impacts of the housing system on the broader health care system? (e.g. emergency wait room times)
  • What are we doing to prevent medical discharge into homelessness?
  • How are deaths or injuries to those with no fixed address tracked? How are deaths reported?
  • How are amputations or other traumas tracked and reported to the public?
  • How are Emergency rooms coping? Including the Children's hospital?
  • How do young people under 18 get supported with health care needs?
  • How many folks in Edmonton have serious medical conditions that are in need but are houseless (diabetes, cancer, other)?
  • How are unhoused pregnancies supported?
  • How are burn treatments handled when someone can't be safely discharged for care?
  • What is the wait time for addiction recovery beds? How many recovery beds are available?
  • What is the plan for discharge after completing recovery treatment? Back onto the street or is there a bridge program?

Please let me know if you have other suggestions.

City Hall E-News February 5th, 2023

  • WATCH: "Building Hope: Substance Use in the Trades" - New Film added to our Feb 16th event
  • READ: Are bigger and heavier vehicles a threat to public safety?
  • READ: Living Local with local recreation centres
  • ADOPT: A heritage chicken and receive eggs for a year
  • READ: Mansion Tax: Taxing the 4800 homes over $1,000,000 an extra $60/month would raise an additional $5.3Million
  • READ: "With the UCP's help, Edmonton's police chief is out to undermine the mayor"
  • CITY PROVOCATIONS from around the internet
  • You can read last week's newsletter here: michaeljanz.ca/updates


City Hall E-News: Jan 30th, with Question of the Week

We're starting out this week's City Hall E-News with a new segment, "Question of the week" - Just hit reply and tell me your thoughts...

Jan 23rd: Question of the Week: Recently the City of Edmonton enacted a parking ban to assist with the neighbourhood snow removal.

Did you sign up for text/email notifications in advance from the City of Edmonton, and if not, why? I'm curious! 

How could this communication be better integrated? Hit reply, and let me know your thoughts!

City Hall E-News January 30th, 2023

  • TAKE ACTION: Edmonton Actions on Downtown and Transit Safety from Mayor Sohi
  • NEWS: SAFER STREETS: We're receiving new Safe Crossings in Ward papastew! 


  • FOUR CITY OF EDMONTON SURVEYS: Changing neighbourhoods to meet changing needs:

  • RSVP for upcoming events

  • CITY PROVOCATIONS from around the internet

City Hall E-News - January 22nd

If you would like more targeted updates or join me in advocating on an issue, please sign up at www.michaeljanz.ca/takeaction

City Hall E-News January 22nd, 2023

  • RSVP: Love in the Time of Fentanyl - Community Conversation and film night
  • RSVP: Transit Camp 2023
  • ACTION: Snow Removal Update
  • READ: Provincial Government targets inclusionary zoning, restricting cities ability to require more affordable housing in new development projects
  • READ: City Council signed a sponsorship agreement with a national beverage sponsor (Coke-Cola) but I’m not allowed to tell you very much about it.
  • READ: Further steps towards a municipal lobbyist registry.
  • WATCH: Going wild for dog parks
  • Provocations from around the internet...
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