Explainer: How can a citizen help hold Edmonton Police Accountable?

The recent story that Edmonton Police are facing a lawsuit by Pacey Dumas alleging egregious police brutality has made national headlines, and Edmontonians and Canadians are rightly demanding answers.

I’ve been asked by a few folks to provide a brief explainer on policing issues in Edmonton and how you as a citizen can make your voice heard. As a graduate of Citizen’s Police Academy, I thought I would dust off my binder and help try to provide a few questions I’ve received from the public.

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Here is a list of all the people who have donated over $50 to my campaign.

Ideally, the province should amend municipal election legislation to ensure all candidates are required to release this information before voting day. Voters should know who supports their candidates before they cast ballots, not after the ballots are counted. Nonetheless, here is my donors list, as of the end of day Oct 7th, 2021.

So…just what do you do for a living?

Many of you know me as your public school trustee for the last 11 years, but a few folks have asked about my employment history outside of the school board. I’m very proud of my resume and the incredible opportunities provided to me over the last two decades in Edmonton. I believe if you compare my resume to other candidates, you’ll see I have many unique experiences that help set me apart. 



Playgrounds are a fundamental part of being a kid. They are not just places to run around and jump and climb but they are where imaginations soar - one day they are a pirate ship, the next a fort under siege or maybe they are a castle where a princess lives. These are important places for children to develop and learn and play and contribute to healthier communities as a result of that. 

Early Learning and Care Opportunities Can Spur Economic Recovery

When we talk about building an affordable city that works for all ages, stages, and wages, we cannot overlook the critical role that early learning and care plays, or, the role of municipalities as partners. This is why I have advocated and voted for wrap-around services, community schools, and voted for the inclusion of childcare facilities into new school construction (such as the replacement school in Ritchie, Escuela Mill Creek)....

Responses to candidate survey from "I Heart Edmonton"

As we recover from the pandemic, we have an unprecedented opportunity to invest in strong core public services and build a city that prioritizes the wellbeing of people and the environment: a strong local economy, inclusive neighbourhoods, and urgent action on the climate emergency. I wasn’t born in Edmonton, but I know what brought me and kept me here: tourism, education, community, opportunity.


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