Nominate your Neighbourhood Bike Mayor (2022)

Who: Searching for a Bike Mayor of your neighbourhood
What: Storytelling, organizing, and animating for a more active Edmonton
When: Apply prior to June 26, 2022 - email [email protected] with a paragraph why we should choose you!
Where: Each neighbourhood in Ward papastew
Why: Because we need to empower & engage grassroots community leaders to help us accomplish the Bike Plan, fight our climate emergency, and make our city more welcoming to all.

June is Bike Month! Let's get out and ride and explore our community, make new friends, and enjoy our summer. From mural tours to playground tours to bakeries to breweries -- we got you covered! This is a rolling list of events and if you are aware of another one, please let me know!

TAKE ACTION: If you haven't sent a letter already, we have $400M on the table from the Federal government. Use this tool to send a letter and help ensure that Edmonton gets our fair share!

I invite you to apply or nominate one of your friends, neighbour, or strangers to be the Bicycle Mayor of your neighbourhood. 

We’re looking for passionate neighbours who can help make life a little bit better for everyone by improving active transportation in your community. 
We’re looking for a leader who will step up, work with our team, and advocate for more active transpiration choices, help identify barriers, and work with us to overcome them.
Benefits of service include:
Funding: We will contribute up to $300 to help fund an event, educational materials, outreach, or to serve as a catalyst that will animate voices for choices.
Support: We will work with you, and you’ll get a brainstorming session with Councillor Janz and his team to help refine and execute your outreach idea.
Connection: You will be one of 23 different bike mayors in the ward and have a chance to make your passion a citywide reality
Gratitude: You’ll be invited to a special thank you party at a rooftop location.


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Challenging the U of A: Leading with purpose in housing and land use planning

City Council recently approved a rezoning across the street from the U of A and it got me thinking about all the underutilized or unused space on the U of A main campus.

The expression I often hear at city hall is “highest and best use of city land” – in other words, land that brings benefit to the community (eg, a park or public space) or land that generates revenue for the city to offset taxes and pay for services (Industrial, commercial, residential in that order) 

But what if the University of Alberta could generate revenue and mitigate the housing and climate crisis? The university already has the vehicle: the U of A Properties Trust, an arms length development corporation that pays dividends back into the U of A through innovative developments and land leases.

Address: 1 Sir Winston Churchill Sq, 2nd Floor, Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7