We need East/West Pedestrian Crossing over the CPR line

We need more paths for people! When I think about a #15minutecity and goals of #yegplan, I’ve always found it frustrating that the great CPR wall divides us. You have to go up to Whyte Ave or down to 63rd. 

I’ll continue to fight for connections to walk/wheel safely. Many students in particular heading to Strathcona High have raised this with me as a barrier. I know it’s a frustration for west Ritchie folks too, and conversations have been taking place.

I’ve spoke with CL folks about this and because of the jurisdiction issues (CP Rail historically has dealt more with the Feds), I’ve also raised this our tenacious MP Heather McPherson. Keep up the pressure, everyone!

Unofficially... there already appear to be holes in the fence, but that’s not accessible, and the lasting solution is a safe crossing that works for children and neighbours of all ages!

#yegvote #yegcc #edmonton

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