Transit Camp: One week until boarding

One week until Transit Camp! Please share this image with and help us fill all the seats! We've included a draft invitation email below...


- Shelagh Pizey-Allen, the organizer for the Toronto-based TTC Riders will be joining us virtually in the afternoon. The work they do is a model for what we can do.
March 18th is transit operators appreciation day. We will have a cake!
LOCATION: Please arrive for coffee (free!) at (CCIS 1-430) by 9AM on Saturday, March 18th.
Let's talk transit safety:
Organizing Transit Riders: A how-to manual:
The afterparty is at Dewey's billiards and pub on Campus. We can head over there at 4PM, socialize, shoot pool, visit, and then James Wilt will be giving his second book talk and Q&A at 6PM. All attendees will receive a take-home "boocha" courtesy of BoochaYEG/my office.
Book review:


JOIN ME AT... Transit Camp 2023: Safer, Faster, Better Public Transit
Over 280 Edmontonians have pre-registered to attend a day-long meeting with experts on building a safer, faster, and more frequent public transit system.
  • What steps are Edmonton taking to increase riders, trips, and frequency? 
  • How do we ensure public transit is the "first choice" for our daily trips? 
  • What investments were made in public transit as part of the 2023-2026 budget?
Public transit supports social inclusion, poverty reduction, health outcomes, employment, education, economic impacts and we know it’s a critical component of climate action.
Join us for Q&A with Special Guest presenters including: 
David Cooper: David is a national transit consultant regularly featured in Toronto and national media, currently working with a number of transit operations and municipal clients on issues ranging from transit security to route expansion to pandemic recovery. 
James Wilt:  Author and journalist from Winnipeg will be sharing commentary on re-engaging the "public" in public transit and sharing strategies to ensure that an inclusive vision for all riders and operators is shared, connecting the struggles of transit to broader struggles of racial, environmental, and social justice.
Carrie Hotton-MacDonald, Branch Manager Edmonton Transit Services (Edmonton):  Who will be sharing our local "state of the union" for Edmonton Transit, fielding questions on everything from ARC cards to route recovery to transit safety to on-demand service improvements.
- Shelagh Pizey-allen, TTC Riders (Toronto): Shelagh is the lead organizer for the TTC Riders, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to building better public transit in Toronto.
Registration is free and we welcome advance promotion as an opportunity to engage even more Edmontonians prior to RSVP Deadline (March 15th)

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