October 30th, 2023: City Hall E-News

(October 30th 2023) City Hall E-News

  • Pleasantview Dog Park Opening - Saturday, November 4th, 3:00PM
  • Sunrise Valley Line South East LRT - Saturday November 4th, 5:15AM
  • Ed Talks: Big Ideas for a Better Edmonton - 6:00PM November 28th, 2023
  • STRONGTOWNS - Events with Founder Charles Marohn - December 13/14th
  • Re-cap event Video: Chris Bruntlett: The Human Case for fewer cars in our lives
  • Book Launch: Indictment: The Criminal Justice System On Trial by Ben Perrin: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/indictment-the-criminal-justice-system-on-trial-edmonton-tickets-708135832337 (November 27th)
  • NEW: Snow Removal Interactive Map and details about Snow and Ice Control improvements winter
  • News: Homes not Hotels - Short Term Rentals and Air-BnB issues: https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2276773955515

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Pleasantview Dog Park Grand Opening Saturday November 4th 3:00 - 5:00PM

Join local MP Heather McPherson, MLA Rachel Notley and myself at the Pleasantview Dog Park this Saturday 3:00 - 5:00PM. Learn more about how incredibly low-cost investments such as dog parks help build neighbourly connections and a more welcoming city for everyone at michaeljanz.ca/dogs


First ride! Join me at 5:15AM on Saturday, November 4th?

I'll be there to catch the sunrise ride. Let me know if you would like to join in on this historic voyage! A formal grand opening ceremony will be held in 2024 with funding partners, City officials and others after the system has been in service for a number of months. 

For more information:


Valley Line Southeast Fact Sheet


Strong Towns is coming to Edmonton!

December 13th Evening Event: / December 14th Morning Event:

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/building-a-stronger-town-an-evening-with-charles-marohn-tickets-741724727627?aff=oddtdtcreator

We're excited to be welcoming Chuck Marohn, the founder of the American-based STRONGTOWNS movement to Edmonton. This event is organized and hosted by the University of Alberta School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Alberta Sustainability Council, Councillor Ashley Salvador, and Councillor Michael Janz as well as other partners (TBD).

Strong Towns operates with the mission of replacing America’s post-war pattern of development, the Suburban Experiment, with a pattern of development that is financially strong and resilient. We advocate for cities of all sizes to be safe, livable, and inviting. We work to elevate local government to be the highest level of collaboration for people seeking to work together in a place, not merely the lowest level in a hierarchy of governments.

With a media presence reaching millions of people every year and a membership of nearly 3,000 people from all 50 states and several countries, the Strong Towns movement is reshaping the North American development pattern with a return to bottom-up, incremental growth. Strong Towns accomplishes this work by producing articles, podcasts, online and in- person events, training and more.

In order to rationally respond to the challenges created by the North American development pattern, the Strong Towns approach:

  • Relies on small, incremental investments (“little bets”) instead of large, transformative projects.
  • Emphasizes resiliency of result over efficiency of execution.
  • Is designed to adapt to feedback.
  • Is inspired by bottom-up action (“chaotic but smart”) and not top-down systems (“orderly but dumb”).
  • Seeks to conduct as much of life as possible at a personal scale.


UPCOMING EVENT: ED Talk: Big Ideas for a better Edmonton

Edmonton! Is there a Nextgen or pecha or Ted talk sized hole in your heart? We are looking for presenters for November 28th at @themetrocinema. Who would you like to hear from? Volunteer or nominate via email.

Learn more here: https://edmonton.taproot.news/news/2023/10/27/councillor-seeks-big-ideas-at-new-speakers-event

So far we have speakers sharing presentations and films about:

  • Strengthening public services
  • The Future of Blatchford
  • Walkable Whyte Avenue
  • Municipal Cemetaries
  • Handling heat waves
  • Supporting vulnerable youth in our community
  • And many more! 

RSVP: https://www.michaeljanz.ca/edtalknov28



Melissa and Chris Bruntlett are Canadian authors and urban mobility advocates who strive to communicate the benefits of sustainable transport and inspire happier, healthier, more human-scale cities. Their first book, Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality, explored the urban and transport planning decisions that established the Netherlands as a bicycle paradise, and how North American communities are translating these ideas to build their own cycling cities.

Video from University of Alberta Lecture: https://youtu.be/tYv5MeWrRO0?si=h4fq0QNoIfN5r95l

ISnow and Ice Control! 

2023-24 Winter Season

Roadways Snow Clearing Map 

A new live snow clearing map using GPS data shows where crews are active and clearing more than 12,000 km of roadways. When snow is falling, crews work 24/7 to address snow accumulation and traction concerns. Our priority is to clear major roads first. When a snow event occurs, the map will show where plows are active and the immediate locations where they have been working. When there is no snow event, the map will show the locations of where plows are applying traction and conducting touch-up clearing. This interactive map is one example of our continued efforts to enhance service delivery for residents.


Active Pathways Snow Clearing Map with Winter Priority Loop

This winter season, based on community engagement and feedback, and to maximize funding allocations, clearing of Priority 1 bike lanes has been adjusted to create a Winter Priority Loop to be cleared within 24 hours. This connected loop in the downtown area has three river crossings and creates an interconnected and reliable network cleared within the first 24 hours. Bike lanes outside the Winter Priority Loop have shifted to a Priority 2 and will be cleared within three days. The Active Pathways map is available at edmonton.ca/SafeTravels (or direct link).

Snow Clearing Prioritization and Service Levels 

When it snows, there’s a priority clearing system designed to keep Edmontonians safe and traffic flowing smoothly. Roadways and Active Pathways have their own teams and specialized equipment to complete clearing. That way, the service that they deliver does not compete with each other. 

The road priorities as outlined in the Snow and Ice Control Policy, and 2023-24 service levels, are: 

Freeways, arterial roads and business districts - 5 days

Collector roads and bus routes - 5 days

Local industrial roadways - 5 days

Residential streets and alleys - 10 days

The priorities for Active Pathways, and 2023-24 service levels, are:

City facilities, LRT stations, paved trails, priority bike routes (Winter Priority Loop) - 1 day

City sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, bridges, stairs, parking lots, bike lanes - 3 days

Manually cleared areas (bus stops, paths, public amenities), community sandboxes - 14 days

Parking Ban Notification Tool

The Service Notifications tool gives residents the option to choose to receive text and/or email notifications of parking bans in their area. Subscribers to the service receive a notification of when residents need to move their vehicles as well as when the parking bans are completed. Residents can sign up at my.edmonton.ca.  

Parking Bans

The City has the option to call a two-phased parking ban, allowing for improved service when conditions require it. The citywide parking ban consists of the following: 

Phase 1 - Major Roads: Crews clear arterial and collector roads, bus routes and business improvement areas. You may continue to park on your residential street. 

Phase 2 - Residential and Industrial Roads: Crews clear residential and industrial roads. You may park on your driveway, in a parking space on a neighbour's property with their permission or on any road cleared during Phase 1 where parking is normally allowed. Phase 2 parking bans are conditional and may not automatically be activated following a Phase 1 parking ban.

Snow Clearing Responsibilities

As residents of a winter city, everyone needs to be considerate of the impact snow-covered and icy sidewalks have on neighbours and fellow citizens. A guiding principle of the City’s snow and ice policy is that of shared responsibility—we all have a role to play in keeping our city sidewalks safe. Property owners should remove snow and ice as soon as possible, especially during days of continuous snowfall and during freeze/thaw cycles. Keeping your sidewalk shoveled ensures everyone can connect to and access spaces. Moving your vehicles during a parking ban ensures City crews can clear snow from roadways effectively and efficiently. The Community Standards Bylaw 14600, states snow and ice are to be removed from the sidewalks as quickly as possible. 


Edmontonians can expect to see ticketing as a tool to contribute to the speed, efficiency and quality of snow and ice clearing throughout the city. Drivers who have not moved their vehicle during a parking ban may receive a $250 ticket. Failure to clear a sidewalk may result in a $100 ticket.

Community Sandbox Program

The City provides sand, at no cost, through the Community Sandbox Program to help residents keep their sidewalks safe and accessible. Residents can find sand bin location details and the map at edmonton.ca/communitysandboxes.

Named Plows 

This winter season, the team of named plows returns to the streets. The roster has increased and residents can keep an eye out for plows like Buzz Iceclear, Amarsleet Snowhi, Connor McBlade-It and Plowasaurus Rex. The named plows are among nearly 200 other City vehicles used to clear snow and ice and can be located on the Snow and Ice Control Clearing Map at edmonton.ca/SafeTravels.

Be mindful of our plows and operators, by giving them the space they need on highways and collector roads to do their work safely. Drivers must not pass a snowplow when the view along the side of the snowplow is obstructed or when passing would impede the operation of the snowplow.

For more information:



Map: Active Pathways Snow Clearing Map

Map: Winter Bike Lane Clearing Changes (PDF) 

Map: Roadways Snow Clearing Map

Mailer: Snow and Ice Control Service Levels


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