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ED TALK: Big Ideas For Edmonton

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Big Ideas for a Better Edmonton: Join us at Metro Cinema Tuesday, November 28th for an evening of fun and friendship.

We'll be live streaming the event on our social media channels (Meta: michaeljanzyeg).

6:00PM: Doors open with a Naloxone Training with 4B Harm Reduction

630PM: (warm up film) The Curbside Philosophy (Episode 1) The Curbside Philosophy is a web series created by Brandon Shaw. This series tells stories from the frontline of the unregulated drug poisoning and houselessness crisis in Edmonton: made by and told by people who are living it.

7PM: Official Welcome and Upcoming Events

Jesse Jamz (Film) 

Musician Jesse Jams uses his self-described "Mumble Punk" music as a means to battle his daily demons. (Trevor Anderson)

Zine and HEARD
Penny Frazier is a seasoned youth advocate who is the editor and publisher of Zine & HEARD - a monthly publication dedicated to amplifying the voices of youth in care. Every month the zine shines light on the stories, the art and the music of former youth in care and raises awareness about the child welfare experience.

Talking Taxes with Working Families Edmonton

Right now, Edmontonions are relying on crucial public services. Leaders need to protect us from cuts that threaten services we need, like road repair, transit, mental health support, public safety, recreation, child and senior care, and more. Those among us who depend on libraries, transit, housing, and low-income recreation cannot be left behind.

Grow Together Edmonton

How Edmonton can build enough homes to remain affordable in a way that's environmentally and financially sustainable

Blatchford Community Society

We are proud of our Blatchford community and invite you to come visit, and to learn more about who we are and what makes this community a beacon of pride for all of Edmonton.

3Bs: Buses, Bikes, and Buildings (FILM)

How can the 3Bs (Buses, Bikes, and green Buildings) help us fight climate change while providing for a more fiscally sustainable and just Edmonton for everyone?

Paths for People: Building a better Whyte Avenue

Paths for People is a local nonprofit that focuses on making the City of Edmonton a safer, friendlier place to walk, roll, and cycle. They prioritize advocacy initiatives at the municipal level, working with stakeholders across Edmonton to shape Edmonton into a multi-modal city where active transportation is a safe, accessible, year-round option for all. 

Climate Justice Edmonton

Following the smokiest summer on record, what can ordinary citizens do to build power in their city and help ensure clean air and water for everyone?

Edge Fund Interactive Arts and Games

Our call to action is to rally behind the idea of growing a next generation arts community here in Edmonton. Games are art, and they are inherently interdisciplinary; they are made by artists, writers, musicians, voice actors, programmers, project managers, marketing professionals, and a whole bevy of diverse individuals. Edmontonians have incredible stories to tell, and games are at the forefront of a storytelling revolution in art and entertainment.

Edmonton Community Foundation Vital Signs 2023: Food Security

A look at the past, present, and future of food security in Edmonton, along with other vital statistics about living in Edmonton. Their presentation, Vital Signs: Food Security, presents highlights from this year’s Vital Signs report. Vital Signs is a non-partisan national research initiative that is delivered locally by Edmonton Community Foundation and Edmonton Social Planning Council.

Moms Stop the Harm

Petra Schulz lost her 25-year-old son, Danny, to accidental fentanyl poisoning in 2014. She is one of the co-founders of Moms Stop the Harm, a network of Canadian families impacted by substance-use policy related harms and deaths. Through the lessons learned from her personal experience and by sharing Danny's story, Petra has become an advocate for drug policy reform. 

Public Interest Alberta - Promoting the Public Interest at Edmonton City Hall
Edmontonians have a long tradition of standing up in support of the public interest when threatened with privatization or corporate welfare or erosion of our parks and public places. Recently we've worked to halt on corporate give-a-way proposals that put your tax dollars into the hands of wealthy private interests. Collective action is the anti-dote to apathy and atomization. Together, we can ensure that Edmontonians receive a fair deal and that our interests are protected.

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We are working through the details for video recording or live-streaming the event, but no guarantees yet! We regret that Metro Cinema is not a completely inclusive venue at this time. Learn more about what Metro Cinema is doing to improve accessibility here: https://www.metrocinema.org/accessibility-info/

Get off social media, get your drinks, and get ready to learn and get more active in your community!

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