Housing for All

We are in a global affordable housing crisis. We deserve more options than renting money from a bank or floor space from a landlord.

Non-market housing such as co-op housing or public housing help curb the excesses of the market.

Too many of our neighbours are experiencing housing instability while Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) are siphoning profits out of the global housing market (check out the documentary: PUSH).

As this page develops, I'll be sharing more information about the spectrum of housing from our dire need for permanent supportive housing to fixed-income affordability, to increasing housing supply to fair taxation on mansions. Please sign up for email updates and for invitations to future meetings.


Let's talk about non-market housing:

One of my favourite models is co-op and non-market housing alternatives, such as co-ops or urban co-housing.

Learn more about a special home-share program to help seniors age in place, Canada Homeshare: https://www.michaeljanz.ca/helping_seniors_age_in_place_through_canada_homeshare

Let's talk affordable housing:

PROBLEM: For ideological reasons, the provincial government is not providing adequate mental health support, shelters, or other supports– creating a hellscape of human suffering as financially foolish as it is cruel. Homelessness doubled during the pandemic, trapping many in a cycle of survival, addiction, trauma and suffering. In lieu of housing, we get expensive emergency room visits and incarceration at far higher human and financial costs. Last year there were 250 amputations due to frostbite.

SOLUTION: Housing the unhoused is central to health care. Housing is the most dignified and cost-effective solution to social disorder. Edmonton must provide catalyst funding and bring every willing partner to the table centered on a “housing is a human right” approach.

Let's talk about better urban planning:

PROBLEM: Urban sprawl costs the city enormously and leads to increased taxes. Each expansion leads to more costs for road maintenance, snow removal, waste management, and cutting the grass. The footprint of the city has doubled, and so will our costs to service.

SOLUTION: We must rigorously pursue a more compact urban form, curbing urban sprawl, building up and not out. We can have smarter infill for better communities with meaningful engagement, improving enforcement and holding bad actors accountable.

Let's talk about renters rights:

Learn more about my efforts to demand a fair deal for renters at www.michaeljanz.ca/renters

Background: Housing justice as climate justice



Other cities around the world are wresting with these same landlord challenges that ensure protection of the public interest against the profit seeking motives of landlord-developers. Here's an image from Los Angeles:

Will you sign?

I agree that housing is a human right. I want to join the cause to support safe and welcoming housing for all.



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