Coca-Cola Agreement up for Debate Sept 26th

When the local economy prospers, we all prosper and keep money on Whyte Avenue not Wall Street.

Did you know the City of Edmonton has an exclusive agreement with Coca-Cola that limits local businesses from bringing their product into Edmonton Venues?

I met with the team at a local Ward papastew business, Boocha Beverages ( about how an exclusive monopoly agreement with Coca-Cola hurts local businesses and denies opportunities to bring local beverages to market.

However, the Coke agreement is up for debate at the Community and Public Services Committee Sept 26/22 (Coca-Cola Supply and Sponsorship Agreement CS01366 Citizen Services).
These sorts of monopoly agreements have been protested elsewhere and have been quite controversial (for instance:

I'm passionate about shopping local, living local, and using our purchasing power to build real wealth in our community. Each bill we pay and dollar we spend has an impact.

Edmonton’s economic recovery is an opportunity to build on our existing economic strengths and invest in our future. With the right tools and approaches,  we can continue to ensure a high quality of life and low cost of living that makes Edmonton a great place to live and start or grow a business.

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