Aug 28th Newsletter Edition

TWO EVENTS: Join me!

  • Free Family BBQ with MLA Richard Feehan - Friday September 2nd, 4PM-7PM
  • Wednesday, August 31st: International Overdose Day Commemoration 6:30PM


  • The most important document at City Hall: The Items Due list
  • Khair For All Food Box Giveaway
  • Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy: Making Whyte Ave even more welcoming
  • Taking Action on Problem Properties (Maccauley Edition)
  • District Planning Engagement Dates
  • Shout out to OSBA for the Patio, Mural, and Pet-Friendly Whyte Ave Map
  • New Bus to the Zoo

REQUEST: Reading and Resource List:

  • Request: Reading and Resource List

Join City Councillor Michael Janz and outgoing MLA Richard Feehan for a Free Family BBQ this Friday, September 2nd at the Royal Gardens Community Hall from 4PM -7PM.


The Items' Due list: When's my issue coming to city Council?

Did you know there is a live-updating spreadsheet of all of the items due to come to City Council in the next few years?
Are you interested in Transit? Bylaws? Rexall? Trees? Planning?

Check out this updating google doc.

Check this out:

BONUS: You can even sign up for email notifications about City Council Committee work!

Making Whyte Ave even more welcoming! Provide your feedback to The Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy. 

Help us ensure our plazas, parks, paths, roadways, sidewalks and alleys in Old Strathcona support a variety of uses and needs as our city grows.

Survey ends TODAY August 28. To learn more and complete the survey, visit

REMINDER: Enter to win a Food Box!

Taking Action on Problem Properties: McCauley edition:

There was a problem strip mall, and neighbours pooled money to purchase it. 

The Piazza story is not just a McCauley story; it signals to other neighbourhoods and communities, to community developers, and to political leaders what can be accomplished by citizens determined to do what the community has chosen to do.


District Planning is a multi-year project to build The City Plan’s 15-minute districts—small towns in our big city— where people can meet many of their daily needs locally.

Scona District Open House: Thursday, October 6, 5pm-8pm at Queen Alexandra Community League.

The Whitemud District Open House will be held on Wednesday, September 21, 6pm-9pm at Yellowbird East Community League.


I can't give a big enough shout-out to the OSBA for pulling together these fantastic maps.

I love hopping on the bikes with the kids, borrowing a dog, and adventuring. It's a digital treasure hunt!


New Bus to the Zoo

This hasn't been announced yet, but I'm so excited to share that a new bus route is being created to take you from South Campus LRT Station to the Edmonton Valley Zoo. More to follow...

Request: Reading and Resource List

I'm creating a Reading, Listening, Watching list for folks interested in municipal politics. What books, films, podcasts, etc helped shape your views?

Let me know! [email protected]


Latest posts

What I'm Hearing About the Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been meeting with several different organizations, attending meetings, door knocking, and responding to emails about the Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy.

I wanted to share a bit of what I have been hearing and manage expectations about timelines. You can read and review the full draft plan here:

April 8th City Hall E-News

  • LAUGH, CRY: April fools Joke Recap: The joke was funny. The provincial government funding cutbacks less so.
  • RSVP: Edmonton Live Show: Sandy And Nora Talk Politics: (3:00PM Saturday April 20th)
  • READ Suburban Developers have profited over $1 Billion in the last decade. We must curb sprawl.
  • SHOP: Pleasantview Les Causeries Playschool Fundraiser: Everything-For-A-Dollar Kids Clothing Sales
  • TUNE UPS!: Bike Day at Strathcona Community League - (Saturday April 13th)

Plus, more reading and videos from around town...


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