Accelerating Action on Energy Transition & Climate Change

As a city, we must meet the challenge of the climate crisis by committing to the accelerated actions for climate change.

  • Increased protections for the River Valley, parks, trees, and green spaces and planing two million more trees.
  • By working with other orders of government, industry, and global partners we can recognize the enormous economic opportunity in energy transition and economic diversification.
  • By using smarter urban planning, we can create complete more vibrant local communities where activities are closer to home. We can both save money and the planet by expanding opportunities to move so that half of our daily trips are by transit, walking, and cycling.
  • We can electrify our transit and increase the efficiency of our buildings, promote alternative energy like hydrogen and solar, creating good-paying jobs and a more resilient and efficient local economy while ensuring clean air and water for the next seven generations.
  • Prioritization of the Safe Mobility Strategy and achieving Vision Zero are a must. Open up more streets for patios, pedestrians, cyclists, and for use by local businesses. Improve pedestrian pathways and address missing links and connections such as the East/West crossing of the CP Rail line.
  • We must move forward with the small and incremental improvements that dramatically increase community connection and livability, local parks and recreation opportunities (such as the Rollie Miles project or the High Level Line)
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