Transit Camp 2023 Videos

In case you missed it, the videos from Transit Camp 2023 are now available for free online ( Please give them a watch and share with other interested folks!

The three videos really do offer a "public transit 101" for anyone interested in transportation opportunities and challenges!

I also wanted to offer that I have a few copies of James Wilt's book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Cars?" that are available on loan if you didn't nab a copy.



If you are interested in upcoming transit advocacy, please ask your provincial election candidates what they will do to properly resource cities to support public transit.

Many of you asked about next steps and when we could join together to form our own transit riders advocacy group. Stay tuned by signing up for updates via

Post-provincial election, we'll convene a public transit working group to discuss where to from here and how we can amplify the voices of transit advocates in the community.

Are there speakers you would like to see for next year? Let us know!

Thank you again for an unforgettable weekend!


Together, we can build a better public transportation system for everyone.

You are invited to be a part of a community conversation learning about the challenges and opportunities facing public transit in Edmonton.

There have been major changes over the past year to public transit. How are we doing?

  • Has the Bus Network Redesign proved successful?
  • Are people returning to public transit post-covid?
  • How are safety concerns on the LRT being addressed?
  • How can we grow public transit ridership, reduce traffic, and meet our climate goals?
  • What investments were made in the 2023 municipal budget?
  • Is there a future for public transit in the age of Uber, Google and Elon Musk?

We expect that these learnings will be an opportunity to learn, connect, and advocate with other public transit users. Our goal is to get organized and build a better transit system for all riders! Raise your voice!

Convened by Ward papastew City Councillor Michael Janz, in partnership with many others including ATU 569, University of Alberta Sustainability Council, Climate Justice Edmonton, Migrante, Working Families Edmonton, Edmonton District Labour Council, the Parkland Institute and many more.

Connect with Michael

Address: 1 Sir Winston Churchill Sq, 2nd Floor, Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7