The Golden Age of Youtube (Cities Edition)

Around the world, we love our city and naturally, we want to make films about them! If you are interested in cities or community development, we are certainly in the golden age of Youtube!

During the pandemic I recall a number of commentators lamented the end of cities. They were wrong. 

More and more folks are choosing to return and reinvest in cities (~20,000 people per year each year for the last ten years in Edmonton!), and making movies about them! 



I’ve seen fantastic films from how we build and grow to great spaces for artists or innovative recreation for children and families. I’ve learned about historic buildings, Montreal’s Expo building, walking school buses, a local skate park strategy, seniors dance groups, and much more.

Both inspirational, and at times cautionary, I find that after watching many of these videos I truly feel like I’ve traveled.

I recently was speaking with a number of community builders about their favourite channels. Here are a few of mine... What are yours?

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