STRONG TOWNS comes to EDMONTON Dec 13/14th

This event has already taken place.



RSVP and purchase tickets via Eventbrite here:

Evening Event: Building a Stronger Town - Wednesday Dec 13th, 7:00PM @Room 1-430, Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS), University of Alberta: https://StrongTownsEdmontonDec13.eventbrite.ca

Workshop: Building a Stronger Town Thursday Dec 14th, 8:30AM-12:00PM Room 3-57, Henry Marshall Tory Building:  https://StrongTownsEdmontonDec14.eventbrite.ca

We're so excited to be welcoming Chuck Marohn, the founder of the American-based STRONG TOWNS movement to Edmonton.

This event is organized and hosted by the University of Alberta Sustainability Council, the School of Urban and Regional Planning, the Edmonton Metro Region Board (EMRB), the City of Edmonton, Councillor Ashley Salvador, and Councillor Michael Janz. We are sorting out the logistics and looking for sponsors and partners who can help make this even a success. Please reach out to [email protected] if your organization is able to support or contribute.

Strong Towns operates with the mission of replacing America’s post-war pattern of development, the Suburban Experiment, with a pattern of development that is financially strong and resilient. We advocate for cities of all sizes to be safe, livable, and inviting. We work to elevate local government to be the highest level of collaboration for people seeking to work together in a place, not merely the lowest level in a hierarchy of governments.

With a media presence reaching millions of people every year and a membership of nearly 3,000 people from all 50 states and several countries, the Strong Towns movement is reshaping the North American development pattern with a return to bottom-up, incremental growth. Strong Towns accomplishes this work by producing articles, podcasts, online and in- person events, training and more.

Learn more at: strongtowns.org

Chuck Marohn's first book "STRONG TOWNS: a bottom-up revolution to rebuild American prosperity" was a game changer for me, Michael. And I want you to join me to hear him speak right here in Edmonton!

Find out how to make Edmonton a more prosperous and financially resilient city this December 13/14th. Both events are on the U of A Campus. If you use the ticket code PAPASTEW, your ticket to Wednesday or Thursday is Half-Price!


Founded in 2008 by former transportation engineer Chuck Marohn, the Strong Towns organization is committed to a bottom-up revolution to make American cities more walkable, livable, and financially resilient.

By demonstrating the financial cost, safety issues, and environmental pollution of car-centric development, through tax value per acre analysis, crash map data, and critiques of sprawling development patterns, Strong Towns has worked to increase awareness and fix the problems of Automobile-focused street design.

With over a million members, Strong Towns accomplishes this goal by providing online resources, educational courses, and events to help local communities make the change they want to see around them.  

They are challenging some of the most entrenched and powerful industries in America (suburban development, road builders, automotive) simply by encouraging ordinary citizens to "Do The Math" before committing to new projects.

From Strongtowns:

Everyone has an opportunity to live a good life in a prospering place.

How can we make that happen? Explore our articles and podcasts to find out.

The way we develop our cities (the Suburban Experiment) is bankrupting us and endangering our neighborhoods through:

  • A nationwide housing crisis.

  • Dangerously designed streets.

  • A lack of transparency in city finances.

  • Endless highway expansion.

  • Huge, wasteful parking lots.

We inherited our current development approach and, for many reasons, it seemed rational at the time. But now we know it’s not serving our communities. You have a role in fixing this, and don’t worry:

You won’t be alone.




Address: 1 Sir Winston Churchill Sq, 2nd Floor, Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7