Sept 26th City Hall E-News

We need homes not AirBnBs:

Cities across North America are re-thinking Short Term Rentals (STRs). It’s time that Edmonton does the same. According to watchdog,, Edmonton has approximately 4.4 thousand active listings such as airBnB or VRBO. And while lobbyists may share the "mom and pop" talking points, data shows that some hosts have as many as 45 properties, hurting affordability and raising rents for everyone else.

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Protecting the Public Interest & holding speculators accountable:

We are taking steps to address the illegal surface parking lots downtown. As one constituent noted, "It’s been far too easy to operate these types of surface parking lots and the revenue these can generate can disincentivize an owner from selling or pursuing redevelopment. To put it in context, if you had a small 50-stall surface parking lot and charged a conservative $125/stall per month that adds up to $75,000/year in gross revenue – a decent income considering the low level of risk and capital required to operate."

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We need better public transit: 

Waiting for the bus? Bad news- Our public transit service hours per capita have been stagnant since 2015. We need your help this November at the fall budget to get more buses moving more often. Worsened by suburban sprawl and significant population growth, we need action. Urgent investments to improve frequency, reliability, safety and rider comfort must be prioritized such as Bus Rapid Transit, improved local connector service, and safety improvements

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Contest: Community League Day 2023

With Allendale and Royal Gardens concluding that's, another successful community league day is in the books! Thank you to everyone who came out to show your support and meet your neighbours. This year we hosted a contest called "Best of your community" What would you tell a brand new neighbour about the best of your community? Enter here:


A Safer City For All

I recently completed a walkabout with the Deputy Chief of Police, Transit Police Officers, Transit Peace Officers, Maintenance workers and other city staff. All of us agreed that we need greater support from the Provincial government to improve 24/7 shelter spaces and safe places for vulnerable people to go or else they will keep returning to the LRT. It was very clear that the Edmonton Taxpayer is doing far more than their fair share of the lifting when it comes to public safety, and we need the province to step up. Mayor Sohi put together this page with all the actions we are taking and where we need provincial help to ensure everyone is safe and can live with dignity and opportunity.

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1) October 1st: Kidical Mass: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2023 - Meet at Aspen Gardens Playground at 3pm - Join us for a ride from Aspen Gardens to Greenfield Playground. This is an opportunity for kids and their grown-ups to ride their bikes (or scooters) together, on city streets. Learn More:

2) October 11th: Online event - Shifter will be releasing an Edmonton-Centric film & hosting an online Discussion: RSVP:

3) October 19th: In conjunction with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, the University of Alberta and MADE Design Week 2023, we will be welcoming guest ambassador Chris Bruntlett. RSVP:

4) November 4th: Pleasantview Dog Park Opening: Saturday 3-5PM:

5) December 13/14th - Welcoming Charles Marohn founder of StrongTowns to Edmonton. Learn more at - Learn the underlying reasons why your city is going broke, Gain the knowledge needed to stop bad development practices, Have a plan to make your neighborhood stronger and more prosperous, (EarlyBird Tickets Coming Soon)



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May 8th City Hall News


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  • Wednesday May 15th - Minding the Gap: Police Accountability in Alberta 

  • Saturday May 25th - Harbinger showcase and live podcast recording

  • Youth Council Recruitment!



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