Build Rollie Miles Recreation Centre

Small-scale local community recreation opportunities are key to Edmonton bringing more families back to mature neighbourhoods, reducing urban sprawl, and achieving the "15 minute communities" outlined in the Edmonton City Plan. 

With Scona Pool (attached to Strathcona High School) coming to end of life, community advocates including the Friends of Scona Rec, community leagues, businesses, neighbours, students and school partners and many others have tirelessly advocated for the establishment of a replacement opportunity: a new local mini-recreation centre, Rollie Miles.

Now many of us-- myself included -- have many happy memories of Scona pool and the enormous contributions it has made to the community and Strathcona High School. Looking forward, we must remind City Hall -- "It's not what you take away, it's what you leave behind. Let's leave behind a future of local recreation and new opportunities for all.

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Updates (March 2020):

There are two separate projects, both of which have been funded to Check Point Three. I will advocate for the bundling of both projects together as we discuss our 10 year capital investment outlook this quarter.

The Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park Renewal aims to renew and enhance the outdoor spaces. The project has completed the Concept Plan and the Master Plan stages and is now moving into preliminary design phase. Planning and Design funding to PDDM Checkpoint 3 (CP3) for the District Park was approved as part of the 2019-2022 Capital Budget. No funding is currently approved for the delivery of this project, it is anticipated to be part of the 2023-2026 budget deliberations. 

Design for the Rollie Miles Leisure Centre was approved by Council in Spring of 2021 up to PDDM Checkpoint 3. Procurement of the design team is underway with contract award anticipated for Q2 2022.
Both planning and design teams have been and are continuing to work collaboratively to ensure the location of the future Leisure Centre is integrated into the park design such that little to no rework will be required.  Should the park redevelopment be funded in advance of the facility, the design proposes turf and low cost amenities such as outdoor furniture in the location of the proposed facility. The furniture could be relocated within the open space and there would be limited impacts to budget and long term use. Should both projects be funded for delivery through the 2023-2026 budget process, Administration will work to ensure both projects are coordinated as required.

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