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Ribbon of Green Conversation with Councillor Michael Janz

This event has already taken place.

Please Join Councillor Michael Janz for an invite-only zoom meeting to discuss mountain biking the Ribbon of Green.

Councillor Janz will share a short synopsis of what he has been hearing, concerns, and outstanding questions. We are still very early in the ribbon of green conversation, and there will be multiple opportunities for input. 

Registration is required. The event will be virtual, and a meeting link will be forwarded directly to you upon registration. 

If you cannot attend the chat: Michael does not believe mountain biking or other low-impact uses of the river valley should be banned and sees many opportunities to balance enjoyment and ecology. Please see the statement he shared with Edmonton Mountain Biking Association during the election for reference. 


"October 2021- Thank you for sharing your concerns with the proposed "Ribbon of Green" River Valley Area Revitalization Plan. I am very much looking forward to having the opportunity as a Councillor to see this plan come to fruition over the next few years and, in doing so ensuring that our River Valley remains the amazing cultural, environmental and community asset that it has been. When I have friends and family visit who have never been to Edmonton, they are constantly shocked at the size and beauty of the river valley and I agree. My family are avid cyclists and we pop in and out of the river valley as needed to get around our community, so I understand the value of being able to continue to do that (though I must admit we tend to stay on the paved pathways).
Concerning your specific issues. I can commit that I will listen to and support the need for further conversations between your organization (and others) and the city's administration to ensure that we can find a workable solution that allows your organization to continue to use the trail system, continue to maintain as you have been the quality of the trails, and continue to do so with little environmental impact. During my door knocking I have spoken to a number of your membership about responsible stewardship and how we can ensure protection of the valley for future generations."
Address: 1 Sir Winston Churchill Sq, 2nd Floor, Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7