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Building a Transit Riders MOVEMENT: Vancouver transit organizer and guest speaker

This event has already taken place.

As a follow-up to Transit Camp 2023, we are excited to be hosting a live event with Dennis Agar, Executive Director of MOVEMENT, a Vancouver Transit Advocacy Organization here in Edmonton on March 10th. Space is limited!

Are you interested in...

  • Improving the speed and frequency of our bus network?
  • Advocating for priority measures such as Bus Lanes and signals
  • Ensuring fares remain affordable
  • Improving rider comfort

Then this is the talk for you! 

Join Dennis for an 11:00AM (central location TBD) talk followed by table discussion about how we can build on the lessons of Movement here in Edmonton. We've had previous initiatives such as TRUE (Transit Riders Union of Edmonton) or the FREE TRANSIT EDMONTON Campaign, but since the pandemic, we are due for another reboot of this important advocacy. We need to come together and build power among riders and local leaders.

His talk will be recorded and livestreamed.

About MOVEMENT: Metro Vancouver Transit Riders (https://transitmovement.ca/)

Last year we hosted Transit Camp 2023 as one big day-long event (videos posted here). Based on attendee feedback, we're going to be scheduling a few brief events including site visits and interactive advocacy opportunities instead. Consider this our first event of the season! 

Read more about the improvements being made to Edmonton Transit in Spring 2024!

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