Building the most dog-friendly city in Canada

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We know that a dog-friendly city is a people-friendly city! Dogs need outdoor places to run, play, and make new friends. So do their owners.

Dogs need safe streets that meet our vision zero commitment of zero fatalities or serious injuries. So do their owners.

We need to continue to get creative and reimagine flexible use of outdoor public spaces, including dog parks.

We must move forward with the small and incremental improvements that dramatically increase community connection and livability, such as local parks and recreation opportunities. Many neighbourhood dog owners function as a "neighbourhood watch" and help keep an eye out for one another.

Considering the small implementation cost, the social return on investment is enormous.

There are numerous new parks proposed, and we must keep up the momentum. From fenced, off-leash dog parks such as Braithwaite Park in Garneau (8018 112 Street) or the new dog park in north Pleasantview (61st Avenue and 110th street) to the proposed off-leash area at Charles Simmonds Park in Mckernan/Belgravia, we need to make it a priority that every neighbourhood has accessible green spaces, including dog parks.

We need to continue to try new ideas such as the off-leash areas in ice rinks and creative ways to bring neighbourhood dogs (and their humans) together in safe, designated areas. 

As your councillor, I continue to champion public spaces that build safe, welcoming, inclusive spaces for all, including our four-legged friends.

Please share with other neighbours who care about dogs, building great neighbourhoods, and building life-long friendships! Please reach out to your local community league. With your permission, we will help connect you with other community canine advocates!

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