Dear City Council,

Please vote Friday to support the full $200 Million build out of the bike plan. The motion proposed by Mayor Sohi for $100M is already a steep compromise. There are few economically productive investments that will actually save lives, promote health, reduce traffic and wear/tear on roads as the bike plan.

The bike plan will save money for the city, reduce traffic, and is one of the best investments we can make.

We know that you know this. So please vote accordingly.

You heard from citizens, business owners, developers, academics, public health experts and many others about why Edmonton cannot wait any longer to support safe, healthy, active transportation choices.

A bike-friendly City is more affordable for residents—who can save thousands of dollars every year if they have the option to bike instead of drive. It also builds healthier communities, both financially and physically.  

A bike-friendly City is also more affordable for the whole community. Bike infrastructure is far cheaper to maintain than car infrastructure and results in more financially productive places—not to mention healthier, safer citizens (including drivers).

Active Transportation is critical to achieving the vision of Edmonton as set out in The City Plan and the Economic Action Plan. The success of many City Plan targets depends on the implementation of a city-wide all-ages and all-abilities bike network. These include targets related to mode share, greenhouse gas emissions, accessibility and affordability. 

Please vote for active transportation as a choice and the value for Edmonton’s future. 

– {name}, {postal_code}

ACTION ALERT! The vote on the bike plan is this Friday, but facing reductions from potentially $200 Million down to $30 Million.

Here's what happened: 

1) Mayor Sohi put forward a motion for $100 Million for bike plan over the next four years. This is a compromise half-measure to the ~200 Million (which I moved) that we need to complete the Active transportation plan. 

2) Worse yet, Councillor Tim Cartmell (moved, seconded by Councillor Sarah Hamilton) proposed a reduction to $30 Million

3) Still bad, Councillor Keren Tang moved, seconded by Councillor Erin Rutherford a $50 Million.


1) SHOW UP FRIDAY. We need the world to be watching us at City Hall when we vote on Friday morning. This is the first item up for debate at 9:30 in the morning. If you can work from home, please come work from City Hall. Pack the chambers. Bring your bike helmet as a show of solidarity.

2) PHONE the councillors who have moved or seconded reductions and make sure they will support the full allocation of $200Million for bike plan.

Please phone the councillors:

Erin Rutherford 780-496-8136
Keren Tang 780-496-8142
Tim Cartmell: 780.496.8130
Sarah Hamilton: 780-496-8120

3) Click here to send a message to [email protected]

Watch this video to learn more:

Salvador at 7:22:50 - discussing approaches. 

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