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Do you want to learn more about cargo bikes, cycling, or making a happier, healthier city for everyone? You probably landed on this page from a QR code on my bike. There are so many wonderful bikes to choose from as you can see at the videos below.

Start here first with these stories of Edmonton families who have gone car-less or car-free with Electric Cargo Bikes:


Avoiding the gas pumps. Being able to take the family from place to place, while seeing the city at the same time.

On Monday, Ward Papastew Coun. Michael Janz and a group of cargo bike enthusiasts met at the Garneau Lamp, just to the south of the High Level Bridge, to show off their two-wheeled treasures.

And, over and over, these riders told me that saving money in the time of high fuel prices, plus the ability to make their journeys part of their family adventures, were the reasons that they’d integrated cargo bikes into their lifestyles.

These bikes offer the ability to haul major items — some up to 440 pounds. Most of them have battery-assisted power. They can handle large loads of groceries or multiple kids. One person told me she hauled a Christmas tree home on her bike.


Here's a video from local Edmontonians sharing their stories (Fall 2022):

Here's a drone footage video from a group bike ride (Fall 2022) showcasing protected infrastructure from Greenfield to City Hall:

Motherload Trailer 1:
Motherload Trailer 2:




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