On Your Mark, Get Set... #ArtHuntYEG for #BikeMonth

When I tell my friends that living in Edmonton is one of the coolest cities in the world, this is the kind of thing that I'm talking about.

A renowned artist giving everyone a surge of adrenalin to make new friends and getting them out to explore their community.

On June 17th at 10:00AM, a special #BikeMonth edition of #YEGArtHunt is going to launch! Local metallurgist, cyclist, and mischief-maker Slavo Cech has created another art hunt. Given the #BikeMonth element, I'm guessing we will need to pedal?

For those new to the game, Slavo via his social media accounts starts dropping clues at intervals until some local Sherlock finds the prize.

Global News did a cool story on the #ArtHuntYEG here: https://globalnews.ca/news/7825199/edmonton-art-hunt-yeg-river-valley/ (Metal sculptor creates art treasure hunt in river valley for adventurous Edmontonians).

This is the second year Cech has hidden art for people to find. He said he does it to give back, after getting much support through this pandemic. The art is not only captivating but also worth a pretty penny. “These works are quite valuable in a gallery setting ,they sort of could range from $1,200 to $2,000,” Cech said. He said if you find it, you get to keep it, but he doesn’t make it that easy.

For this item, it has a patina which should make it challenging to spot. It stands 13” in height. I have no idea where this item may yet be, and I'll be hunting for it myself with my family. I'm just helping boost the challenge. 

Some hunt in packs, some hunt solo. We know that many folks are already pretty competitive, so they don't need much of a push to compete for the glory!

Thank you to Slavo for his generosity of spirit and helping forge new friendships and blood feuds! 

See you on the pathways!

Follow Slavo on Twitter or other socials: https://twitter.com/slav_metalurges

For more Edmonton Bike Month events check out www.edmonton.ca/cycling

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