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Welcome, neighbour!

This is a place to learn about some of my suggestions for the Strathcona area, and to share some of your own.

Endorsements from Local Residents

"Since I first met Michael when he was student President at the U of A, I have been impressed by his tireless work as a committed, caring and effective elected representative on behalf of our communities.

As we face the combined challenges of economic austerity, a climate crisis, and an unprecedented global pandemic, Michael is precisely the kind of elected leader we need.

He is principled and unafraid to take courageous positions when warranted, but pragmatic enough to know how to build consensus with his colleagues and other orders of government.

I am fully convinced that he will serve us exceptionally well as our next city councillor."

-Raj Pannu, former MLA Edmonton Strathcona (1997-2008)


"Michael has stood up for accessible, affordable, high-quality childcare to help all children succeed, enable women to participate in the workforce, and help grow our local economy. He will be a strong voice for innovation and an equitable and inclusive city."

- Gloria Chalmers, former co-chair, Edmonton Early Childhood Coalition


"Since Michael (and my friend Dominic Mishio, former deputy mayor of Leduc) first came to me for advice on the economics of happiness in 2008, over a delicious cinnamon bun at the Sugar Bowl café, we have been exploring how to implement a well-being-based approach to civic governance.

Michael has one of those special politicians who epitomizes wise, fair and balanced decision making. He listens, engages, and is a voice of positivity and hope when we need it the most.

He understands that the collective well-being for all must be front and centre of our social and economic recovery, and he's not afraid to raise important conversations to get there."

- Mark Anielski, Author, Economic Consultant, former Adjunct Professor (University of Alberta), and Strathcona resident


Great Neighbourhoods Are the Cornerstone of a Great City

As Marketing Director as the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, I was a regular contributor to your Community League Newsletter and attendee to local meetings.

As Public School Trustee I regularly had a chance to engage from you on municipal issues.

If elected your City Councillor, local engagement will be my top priority.

Prior to the election (October 18th, 2021), I’ll be organizing some COVID-safe conversations about how we can build better neighbourhoods and a better Edmonton. In the meantime, please fill in your suggestions further down on this page!


Please Share What You Would Like to See for Stratcona

Is there something you would really like to see your next city councillor set in place for this community? Please share your suggestions below to start the conversation.

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