Empire Park Neighbourhood – Ward papastew

Welcome, neighbour!

This is a place to learn about some of my suggestions for the Empire Park area, and to share some of your own.

Endorsements from Local Residents

"We've supported Michael for School Trustee and we will support him as our City Councillor as well. Michael understands that renters need representation at city hall as well as homeowners. His support for public transit will ensure that many of us can benefit from greater connectivity from Southgate station."

- Joshua Schmaltz, civil engineer & Empire Park resident


Great Neighbourhoods Are the Cornerstone of a Great City

As Marketing Director as the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, I was a regular contributor to your Community League Newsletter and attendee to local meetings.

As Public School Trustee I regularly had a chance to engage from you on municipal issues.

If elected your City Councillor, local engagement will be my top priority.

Prior to the election (October 18th, 2021), I’ll be organizing some COVID-safe conversations about how we can build better neighbourhoods and a better Edmonton. In the meantime, please fill in your suggestions further down on this page!

Please Share What You Would Like to See for Empire Park

Is there something you would really like to see your next city councillor set in place for this community? Please share your suggestions below to start the conversation.

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