Michael Phair | Former City Councillor

Heather MacKenzie | Colleague, Former EPSB Trustee (2010-2013)

Victoria Jones, life-long resident of The Garneau

“Michael has a demonstrated record of advocating for quality development, accountability, public engagement, heritage, and change management. He had been a dependable advocate for our schools as EPSB trustee and has participated in The Garneau’s neighbourhood renewal. He would be a formidable force for our neighbourhood at city hall.

Chloe Chalmers, Strathcona

"Michael Janz is a passionate community builder, an experienced public servant, and a vocal advocate for public education, climate action, and social justice. As a Trustee for the Edmonton Public School Board, he fought for a safe and inclusive schools, adequate funding, and accessible resources. His commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion has been apparent since his early leadership experience on the University of Alberta campus, where he was a strong voice for students. He has an established record of making tangible improvements in large, complicated, bureaucratic systems, and I'm looking forward to seeing his impact on our city."

Endorsement: Sarah Hoffman Deputy Leader, Alberta’s NDP

Michael Phair, Former City Councillor, Board Chair (University of Alberta)

“Michael Janz has experience getting things done! As a City Councillor Michael will engage Ward papastew communities to make a better and stronger Edmonton, post pandemic!”

Kim Franklin, Resident Duggan

Michael is an experienced and effective voice on behalf of our families. In these challenging times, I trust his focus on protecting the public interest and fixing inequalities. - Kim Franklin, Business owner and resident of Ward papastew

Kyle Kasawski, Resident & Business Owner, Ritchie Community

"Michael’s focus on climate change and green energy transition will help Edmonton prepare for an exciting future for our children and our city. He’s experienced, energetic, exciting, and effective. He will be an excellent City Councillor!"

Tim Weis, Malmo Resident

I have seen firsthand how hard-working, engaged and supportive Michael has been as our school board trustee for the past decade. I have no doubt Michael will make an excellent Councilor as he brings this work ethic and approachability with him to City Hall.

Dave Colburn Trustee EPSB 2004-2013 Board Chair 2010-2012

Having served on the Edmonton Public School Board with Michael from 2010-2013, I can attest that Michael has an exceptional skill set building partnerships and collaborating to get the job done. His imagination and tenacity will serve Edmonton well in facing the challenges of the 21st century.

Akanksha Bhatnagar, 2019/20 University of Alberta Students' President.

"As the former Student Union President at the UofA, I understand the importance of championing the voices of students, staff and families of those connected to the University of Alberta. Michael also understands the opportunities and challenges facing those Edmontonians and I know he will help ensure these voices are heard at city hall."

Dr. Raj Sherman, Garneau resident, former MLA and Leader of the Official Opposition.

"I have known Michael Janz for over 15 years and have found him to be an effective leader whose influence with all orders of government led to improvements in our public education system. He genuinely cares about, and will work hard to address, the important issues of our community."

Allan Bolstad - Former City Councillor and Past Executive Director of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.

Michael is a great team player with a strong community background and a wealth of relevant experience that will prove invaluable as city council attempts to reshape this city to deal with a wide array of financial, social and operational challenges.

Ray Martin, EPSB Trustee Colleague and former Board Chair, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

As Trustee and Board Chair, Michael built relationships with government, community, Industry, and post-secondary institutions. I have no doubt he would be just as effective in building strong communities as City Councillor as he built strong schools as Trustee.

Sim Senol, Community Leader & Former City Council Candidate, Pleasantview Resident

Michael's experience at the EFCL helping neighbours take ideas and them into action, combined with over a decade of managing billion-dollar capital and operational budgets make him the perfect kind of leader we need at City Hall.

Neda Asadi. Educational researcher and an advocate for equitable education

Michael has demonstrated that he is committed to taking bold actions to build a just and inclusive city for everyone. He's an effective organizer, a thoughtful leader and just as we trusted him with the keys to our schools, we can trust him with the keys to the city.

Heather Mackenzie - Former EPSB Trustee

Michael is a champion of the environment and an advocate for the underdog. Having worked side by side with him on the public school board for three years, I have seen Michael in action as he moved forward policy to support LGBTTQ* students and staff, as he initiated environmental audits on all school board buildings, and as he found innovative ways to advance initiatives related to the health and well being of all.

Petra Schulz, mother who lost a child to an overdose and co-founder of Moms Stop The Harm

We need action on our overdose epidemic and the broader challenges of substance use in our community. Michael will be a strong voice to help amplify the voices of public health experts and families with lived experience. His experience navigating government as Trustee will help all community members thrive.

Shafraaz Kaba, Architect & sustainable design leader, co-founder MADE

As we emerge from the pandemic, and continue action on our climate emergency, Michael is the kind of leader I want leading conversations at City Hall about reimagining public spaces. He will help us make a more just, equitable, and healthy city for citizens.

Mike and Norma, Greenfield

Our family has had the opportunity to know Michael through campus leadership, greater edmonton volunteerism, and community work for almost twenty years. Michael's neighbourhood focus and belief in the power of people to help each other is a testament to his character. His approach to build connections and belonging block by block in neighborhoods will help all of us build a stronger city and ensure that isolation and disconnection doesn't leave others behind.

Brett Lambert, Royal Gardens

Over the past eleven years, Michael has been an incredibly effective school trustee, navigating us through multiple premiers, governments, and unforeseen issues. Michael has proved to be thoughtful, listen to neighbours, and trusted to put information and data first.

Lori Fankhanel, Rideau Park, Parent, and Special Needs Advocate

Michael has been a phenomenal advocate for all families in Edmonton, but especially for those children who have faced the most barriers or complex needs. Our family has been thrilled with his service at the school board and are excited to support him on his journey to City Hall

Don Darnell, Aspen Gardens (Former Resident)

“I have, and will continue to support Michael. He’s proactive, creative, and thinks long-term. He’s thinking about our social and financial health for the next forty years, not just the next four. We need more people like Michael Janz in government today."

Joshua Schmaltz, Civil Engineer & Empire Park resident

"We've supported Michael for School Trustee and we will support him as our City Councillor as well. Michael understands that renters need representation at city hall as well as homeowners. His support for public transit will ensure that many of us can benefit from greater connectivity from Southgate station."

John Acheson, Malmo resident, Former Edmonton Catholic School Trustee

"I have great confidence that Michael will make a substantive and valuable contribution to our City. He prepares diligently and will bring thoughtful consideration and insights to matters that will come before council. He not only reacts intelligently and objectively to issues but is also visionary in bringing forth matters that would effectively serve the people. He understands good governance and is fiscally responsible"

Anna & Morgan Burn, Malmo Residents

"Michael has been a remarkably effective advocate and coalition builder as our Public School Trustee. We know he would bring that same energy and enthusiasm to City Hall. We've supported him for School Trustee and we will support him as our City Councillor as well."

Danielle Larivee, Former Minister Municipal Affairs, Pleasantview Community Member

Michael understands how healthy communities build healthy cities. His advocacy during City Charter conversations on behalf of school boards and families was helpful and I know he will serve as an energetic, thoughtful, and compassionate voice for papastew at City Hall.

Mike Hennigan

"Michael's focus on green energy transition as both a necessity and an economic opportunity will help ensure that new jobs, research, and opportunity are available to our grandchildren. His focus on a just and inclusive city for all will ensure that all of our neighbours can be safe and feel a sense of belonging"

Kelly Sherwood

As a Lendrum resident, father, and pre-hospital health care provider, I've known Michael for almost twenty years and can say he understands the pressures facing both our neighbourhood and our city. I trust him to get things done at City Hall!

Lindsay Smith, Former President, Grandview Heights Community League & EFCL DIstrict Representative

"During my time as EFCL District Rep and as President of Grandview Heights Community League, I watched Michael effectively respond to the needs of our community and listen to the concerns of neighbours. I believe he would be an effective voice at City Hall."

Dr. Daisy Fung, Grandview Heights

"I've collaborated with Michael in student or community leadership for almost twenty years and we are so excited to support him in his run for City Council. He understands the pressures facing our community from the small back alley potholes and challenges with potholes to the big issues, such as the 51,540 children in Edmonton experiencing poverty."

Karen Wong, The Forward Horse & Hazeldean Resident

Michael has a proven track record of getting things done. As a Hazeldean resident and local business owner, I trust Michael to represent our interests at City Hall.

Dallas Bartel, former Ritchie CL VP

Michael knows how to build consensus and get things done. He has a proven record of standing up for the public interest, whether it be with development projects, government administration, or community issues, he champions the voice of the underdog.

Shirley Lowe, Queen Alex Resident

Michael has been my choice for EPSB through three elections. The leadership he has shown and the values he proposes to bring to city hall will strengthen our communities. His focus on our local economy is vital to our recovery.

Finbarr Timbers

"As a McKernan resident for over twentty years, and as alumni of Edmonton Public Schools, I have been very pleased with Michael’s service as my Public Trustee and I'm excited to have his boundless energy pointed towards City Hall. Michael is prompt, responsive, and has helped create safe and welcoming spaces for all."

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