Michael Janz

Michael Janz (he/him) believes that together, we can build a better city for all ages, wages, and stages by putting the public interest first and investing in what we know makes our city great for everyone.

Michael has the knowledge of who we are, what we need, and how to get there.

Neighbourhoods and communities are the building blocks for a great city. Michael has lived in four separate neighbourhoods in the ward, has been elected three times as a school board trustee overlapping twenty of the neighbourhoods in ward papastew, and has listened and engaged at over 1000 meetings with parents and residents dealing with issues from pesticides to traffic safety to school closures. 

Michael has the experience that matters.

Through serving on municipal and provincial boards and collaborating with previous mayors, councils, regional, provincial, and federal orders of government, Michael knows how to build consensus, get things done, and navigate challenges. With significant turnover at city hall, his experience will ensure your voice is heard. He has a proven record of standing up for the public interest, whether with development projects, government administration, or community issues, he knows how to get things to happen.


Michael has proven himself to be a strong advocate.

Whatever the file or issue that confronts us next, Michael has demonstrated a pragmatic approach and is not afraid to start difficult conversations. He is focused on achieving results given our enormous challenges for our neighbourhoods and communities. Michael knows both the big files and the local issues, big or small, and takes the time to listen, respond, and take action. As we fulfill our commitments in the next city plan, we need to close the gap between where we are and what we need. 

Michael is a husband and the father of one future Edmonton Public student, with another on the way and believes in building a bright, long-term future in Edmonton for all. 


His resume includes:

  • Michael has previously served as EPSB Board Chair and VP of the Alberta School Boards. Finishing his third term as EPSB Trustee for Ward F (Elected in 2010, Re-elected in 2013 and 2017)
  • Marketing Director, Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues
  • Partnership Engagement Manager, Alberta Mentoring Partnership
  • Director of Communications, MENTOR Canada
  • Edmonton Public Library Trustee & Alberta Library Trustees Association
  • President, University of Alberta Students' Union 2007-2008
  • Spent two years on the U of A Board of Governors fighting for affordable public education.
  • Bachelor’s in History and a Master’s in Education Policy Studies from the University of Alberta. 







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