I Pledge to Vote on Monday, October 16th, in the Edmonton Municipal Election

Please sign our vote pledge at the bottom of the page and share with three friends in your community. 

Michael has been your Public School Trustee since 2010, serving as EPSB Board Chair from 2015-2017. Michael lives in Ward F (Strathcona) and he is passionate about academic achievement and success for all students.

Beyond his work as Trustee, Michael is a father of a future EPSB student and has been proud to serve our community in several other capacities. Learn more his record and experience here.

This election could not be more important. The front page story of Metro News this week was all about sex education & GSAs and how Michael Janz and Trustee Bridget Stirling (Ward G), in particular have been targeted by anti-sex education, anti-LGBT, and pro-Private school groups.

Michael has a strong record of positive, inclusive, welcoming schools for all staff, students, and families, and that comprehensive, evidence-based, medically accurate sex education saves lives. We are confident that Edmontonians know what is at stake, so please help us get out the vote!


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Yes I support Re-Elect Michael Janz 2017.
I might support Re-Elect Michael Janz 2017, tell me more.
No I do not support Re-Elect Michael Janz 2017.
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    Already voted for him and got 3 others to do the same:)
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