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EPSB Board Highlights 2010-2011

Edmonton Public School Board Highlights 2010-2011

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Please take a look at the attached .jpg containing some of our highlights from the 2010-2011 year.

As the board reconvenes tomorrow for our first fall meeting, it is important to take a moment to reflect on what we have accomplished since November and look ahead at the year to come. I feel on many issues our board has made significant headway, but there is still much that I would like to accomplish.

As I wrote in my first blog post, our mental concentration can be like a flashlight beam. If you don’t focus your efforts and energies on the big issues that matter most, you can get derailed by administrivia and smaller, less-pressing matters.

What most needs doing?

I pose the question to you and encourage you to email me michael.janz@epsb.ca with your own suggestions and priorities. If you haven’t signed up for our Ward F newsletter, click here.

EPSB Board of Trustees

2010 – 2011 Highlights

The previous school year was a productive one for Edmonton Public Schools’ Board of Trustees. Trustees focused on engaging with Edmonton communities and ensuring all students have a safe and caring learning environment.

• Developed the new District vision, mission and set of priorities

• Introduced live webcasting of public board meetings (www.livestream.com/edmontonpublicschools)

• Imposed a two-year moratorium on school closures and initiated the formation of a School Closure Moratorium Committee to explore ways to keep schools open

• Created a Special Needs Task Force that provided recommendations to promote an inclusive learning environment for students with special needs

• Participated in the Community Sustainability Task Force

• First Board in Prairies to approve the development of a board policy on sexual orientation and gender identity to ensure a welcoming environment for all students and staff

• Established an Anti-Bullying Advisory Committee that provided recommendations to prevent bullying

• Re-prioritized capital plan to place a high priority on modernizing existing schools

• Continued work with all orders of government and other partners to advocate for adequate, predictable and sustainable funding for education

An Accidental Advocate Book Launch Party

If you are interested in Edmonton Public Schools, Special Education, or hearing firsthand about the joys and challenges of parenting a child with exceptional needs, I strongly recommend you check out the book launch of “An Accidental Advocate” Thursday January 27th at 730PM at Audrey’s books. I haven’t read the book yet, but I commend Kathryn on her advocacy work and taking the next step in sharing her story as an advocate.

Many of you in the Edmonton Education or Special Needs Community might be familiar with Kathryn Burke, and have probably read her fantastic blog at www.ldexperience.ca.

I look forward to getting my hands on a copy and will probably be hosting a book club/coffee with the author in the next few months at my new house (once Brittany and I get unpacked and find the coffee maker etc etc) so if you are interested in attending, leave a comment or fire me an email michael@michaeljanz.ca.

You can also purchase the book online by clicking here: http://www.ldexperience.ca/store

27 January · 19:30 – 21:00

Location Audrey’s Books LTD

Created by:

More info Please join us at the launch party for An Accidental Advocate: A Mother’s Journey with Her Exceptional Son by Education Advocate, by Kathryn Burke
Light Refreshments will be served

Input required: Two motions for Tuesday’s board agenda

At Tuesday’s board meeting two motions will be coming forward for discussion as well as a number of policies. You can read the full agenda here:


I am pleased to see that this meeting will be webcast as well, so please tune-in and help us spread the word about this new trial initiative. Please share the link:


Here are two motions in particular that I wanted to draw your attention to and encourage you to share your thoughts with me before the board meeting michael.janz@epsb.ca. The Special Needs Task Force was hotly-debated throughout our recent election campaign and I have heard a diversity of opinions.

TO: Board of Trustees FROM: Trustee D. Colburn SUBJECT: Motion re Establishment of a Special Needs Task Force


That the Board establish a task force to review and make recommendations on special needs education in order to enhance the education and outcomes for all special needs students. The terms of reference would be developed by the task force and approved by the Board.

**** * Notice of the above motion was served at the November 2, 2010 board meeting.

TO: Board of Trustees FROM: Trustee M. Janz  SUBJECT: Motion re Commitment to Discussions with Provincial and Municipal Governments re School Space


That the Board reaffirm its commitment to discussions with the provincial and municipal governments regarding all possibilities related to space including school closures, school viability and community buildings.

**** * Notice of the above motion was served at the November 2, 2010 board meeting.