Partnership in Action: EPSB Kindergarten students to receive free EPL cards!

As many readers know I’m a passionate supporter of EPL and a former 6 year Edmonton Public Library Trustee. So you can likely imagine my reaction to this exciting collaboration between EPL and EPSB!

I’m overjoyed by the fact that we are working together to improve early literacy and help even more kindergarten kids get free library cards!


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Survey Response: David Staples, Edmonton Journal Columnist

On October 4th, Edmonton Journal Columnist David Staples sent Trustee Candidates an email letting us know that he would be endorsing candidates in his opinion columns this week. As an opinion columnist he has the freedom to write endorsements and write articles as he pleases. As there are 40+ trustee candidates and he only has a 600 word column, I thought it would be helpful to share my responses to his questions here.
I would like to hear your feedback. Did I miss something? Is there something you would like to share with me that I should supplement on my page? All constituent feedback is valuable, whether you are a student, parent, or Edmonton Journal columnist and I appreciate hearing from you.

Here were the themes of his questions which I have answered below:
1. Math education?
2. Provincial exams?
3. Grade 3 provincial exams?
4. New curriculum rewrite?
5. To what do you attribute Alberta’s success in PISA exams?
6. Do you support public subsidies for private schools?
7. Social studies 
8. Process for developing new curriculum?
9. Support for open boundaries?
(The full text of his questions are below my responses)
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Edmonton Election Advance Voting Oct 4, 2017 — Ward F

The 2017 Edmonton municipal election is being held on Monday October 16th, 2017 from 9AM to 7PM. If you are unable to vote on the October 16th, there will be advanced voting held on Wednesday, October 4th. To find where to vote you can use the Where to vote tool available on the website. 

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What I'm hearing about Inclusion

As I started door knocking in May for my public trustee re-election campaign, one of the most frequent questions I received from teachers and parents (whether they had special needs students in their family or not) was: what do I think of changes to classroom composition?

When I decided to become a trustee candidate in 2010, I took the time to pen out my vision and values. Many of my beliefs and values surrounding public education were honed by researching for the Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta and serving as the President of the Students’ Union at the University of Alberta. Both experiences grounded my vision and values in a belief in a strong public education system guided by the wishes of the community to ensure all voices are heard and every student can succeed....

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Southwest Edmonton Needs New Public Elementary, Junior and High Schools

Southwest Edmonton Needs New Public Elementary, Junior and High Schools

Since I was first elected school trustee in 2010, advocating for the construction of new K-9 and High Schools— especially for the Southwest— has been a top priority.  However, the responsibility for allocating new schools falls solely in the hands of the Provincial Government — not the school board or the city council. This has been the case since 1994, and it is important for you to know the board of trustees are exhausting every single opportunity advocate for new schools, and to make sure public school families get their fair share. Edmonton Public school families are competing for their fair share of school construction money against not only against Calgary and other rural Alberta communities but publicly-funded Catholic and Francophone schools as well. Your voice can help....

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Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Nǐ Hǎo… Second language instruction in Edmonton Public Schools

When it comes to public education, Edmontonians speak with many voices. Over the past few months of door-knocking, I’ve had thousands of conversations about everything imaginable. Overwhelmingly, people have wanted to tell me about the important relationship between their school and their community, but I’ve also heard about school fees, the future of textbooks, and everything in between!

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About Michael

Michael has been your Public School Trustee since 2010, serving as Chair from 2015-2017. Michael lives in Ward F (Strathcona).

Ward F, Michael Janz - What strengths and experience do I bring as Trustee?

Beyond his work as Trustee, Michael is a father of a future EPSB student and has been proud to serve our community in several other capacities:

  • Manager with Boys and Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters Edmonton
  • Former Marketing Director for the Edmonton
  • Federation of Community Leagues
  • Masters in Education Policy Studies from the University of Alberta
  • Avenue Magazine 2012 “Top 40 Under 40"
  • Served as President of the University of Alberta Students’ Union
  • Six year Trustee, Edmonton Public Library Board

Ward F, Michael Janz - Why do I want to be re-elected Trustee?

Michael will Continue to Champion:

  • New school construction, prioritizing a new high
  • school for the Southwest
  • Equity and fairness for all students including: special needs learners; English language learners; and gifted and talented learners
  • Support for vulnerable families through safe, caring, welcoming schools for all students
  • Expanding programs of choice and increasing opportunities for students and their families
  • Financial literacy and post-secondary transitions
  • Improving academic achievement, high school completion rates, and access to career pathways
  • Focusing education spending on the classroom in support of teachers and school staff

Ward F, Michael Janz - How will I continue to advance my goals for the next three years?

Support our campaign by hosting a lawn sign, making a donation or volunteering:

Ward F, Michael Janz - What are the three most important challenges facing public education? 

Strong School and Strong Communities: The New City

The New City by John Lorinc: How the Crisis of Canada’s Cities is Reshaping Our Nation

I picked up THE NEW CITY by John Lorinc about two years ago and I still find myself referencing it once or twice a month. So many fantastic books on urban and city policy are American in scope, but this book examines everything through a uniquely Canadian lens. From aging populations to immigrants to crime to transportation issues to productivity– you name it– Lorinc touches on all of the pressure points affecting our communities and makes a convincing case that the future of our nation sinks or swims with our large urban centers.

I was immediately magnitized to his focus on LEARNING CITIES and the important role that public education plays in building strong cities. His LEARNING CITIES chapter gives an excellent synopsis of pressures facing public education– English language learners, school closures, growing urban aboriginal populations, lack of local control of funding, and much more.

His writing is as enjoyable to read as it is informative...

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It was an honor to serve the Edmonton Public Library

Sadly, May 2015 concludes my service as a Trustee on the Edmonton Public Library Board. For the past six years (a two-year term renewed to a maximum of three consecutive terms) I have served as a community member in supporting policy governance for one undoubtedly one of the finest libraries in Alberta (Canada? The world? The cosmos?) and institutions in our city. You might say that it is the end of my renewals and it is time to lend the book to another trusted patron...


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