Why do you support Michael? Here are a few kind words by friends and neighbours in our community why they are working hard to Re-elect Michael Janz

Who's endorsing

Glenn Alindo
Dazilo Stevan
Sherrill Johnson
Nora Begoray
Kathryn Burke
Phil McRae
Lita Bablitz
Heather Blackman
Larry Booi
Don Perkins
Sharon Maclise
Kyla Fisher
Michael Gaultois
Patricia Grell
Tiina Payson
Tracy King
Alex Abboud
Jon Midgley
Gwen Berdan
Ian Mackenzie Ian MacKenzie And Associates
Harold Neth
Ray Evans
Kerry Boyd
Alvin Schrader
Dean Wood
Colleen St. Clair
Joan Welch
Karen Labahn

41 endorsements

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