(Video) Understanding Alberta’s Education System: Public education: What should it be, and how do we achieve it?

Former Education Minister David King made waves today when he announced he was mobilizing a campaign (IDEA: Inclusive Diverse Education for All) to unify the Public and Catholic school boards In Alberta (and wrestle with other education issues such as assessment and citizenship). David is still very engaged in the education community and I had the pleasure of hearing him give the keynote at the Education Society of Edmonton earlier this month. You can read more about his campaign and writings here.

Beyond the question of unifying Catholic or Public school districts, if you are interested in learning about our Public education system, why we have Catholic schools, why we don’t have protestant schools, and what the role of community is, I encourage you to check out this series of videos called: Public Education: What it should be, and how do we achieve it?

The video is below broken into 7 parts:

Janet Keeping, President of the Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership, discusses the situation in Morinville, Alberta, which lacks public secular education.

David King, former Alberta Minister of Education, addresses the question “What is public education for?”

Frank Peters, Professor of Education, University of Alberta, discusses the historical evolution of public education in Alberta.

Linda McKay-Panos, Executive Director, Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre, describes the legal framework within which Morinville could be provided with secular public education.

Dan Shapiro, Research Associate, Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership, discusses freedom of religion and the lack of a secular public education in Morinville, Alberta.

David King, former Alberta Minister of Education, and Frank Peters, University of Alberta Professor of Education, discuss separate school education in Alberta and the anomalous situation in Morinville, which lacks secular public education.

Patty Dittrick, President, PSBAA, discusses the lack of public secular schooling in Morinville, Alberta.

Jennifer Love speaks on behalf of the Morinville Parent Delegation on the need for secular public education in their Alberta town.

Sheldon Chumir was a lawyer, businessman, civil libertarian and Alberta MLA. Sheldon observed that “leadership exercised by individuals motivated by high ethical purpose can bring about significant change for the betterment of our society.” The Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership is supported by a bequest by Mr. Chumir and carries on his legacy by engaging the public on questions of ethical leadership, especially concerning human rights and civil liberties.