Teacher Bargaining, ASBA and a proposed 50% cut to ASBA Membership fees

Teacher Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA)

I spent this afternoon with the (TEBA) Teacher Employer Bargaining Association today in Red Deer. Now that bargaining has been centralized/formalized, a new teacher bargaining process has started through TEBA. Due to confidentiality guidelines, matters pertaining to land, labour, and law are to be kept confidential.

Chinooks Edge School Division provided us a letter today that they gave to the Minister urging any matters settled should remain fully-funded by the provincial government in order to ensure current levels of service.

I don’t have much to add at this time, except to update that conversations are underway.

ASBA Spring General Meeting 2016

Tomorrow it is the ASBA Spring General Meeting in Red Deer. This is the annual budget meeting when the 61 members school boards of the ASBA come together to pass a budget. With our advocacy being done via board-to-board collaboration like funding for Syrian Refugees, and TEBA established as the bargaining vehicle, this budget is effectively a subsidy from our classrooms. It will be interesting to see how much has changed, if anything, since I resigned as ASBA Vice-President this time last year over concerns over fiscal accountability.

At Edmonton Public we delegate and share our board, committee, and representative work. While our ASBA concerns are unanimously shared by all 9 EPSB trustees, given my passion for strengthening our provincial advocacy opportunities, I’ve been board chair spokesperson on this file but our concerns are certainly unanimous.


With the unanimous support of the Edmonton Public School Board, we will be proposing a fifty (50%) membership fee reduction in the annual ASBA membership fee paid by school boards.

Given the significant concerns school boards have had over the last few years, this is an opportunity for the ASBA to demonstrate fiscal accountability, restore more money to school boards, and reduce the feelings of ill-will by some of the members that feel “held captive“.

There are a couple of other proposals we will be bringing forward if time permits which will help enhance accountability of the ASBA such as a new “benefit plan” membership plan category, and providing an audio recording of ASBA board meetings.


The ASBA meeting is public and open to the media—Red Deer Sheraton Hotel. Details here: http://www.asba.ab.ca/sgm-2016/.

I’ll be trying to live tweet under #asba or #asbaSGM16 for my board colleagues back in Edmonton.

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We did offer to stay: Letter: 07-october-13-2015-letter-from-epsb-to-asba-re-meeting-followup