The Provincial Election is Coming! Which candidates overlap Ward F schools and neighbourhoods??

As you know, Public School Wards are huge! Between 9 Trustees we represent 20-30 communities each. We also collaborate with with many other elected officials who we share representation with.

My ward, Ward F overlaps 4 provincial districts, and thus I’m quite excited for this upcoming provincial election.

As your Public School Trustee, I’ve been seeking opportunities to meet with these individuals and share with them the challenges and opportunities related to public education in our communities. Through our provincial education partners, the Alberta School Board Associaiton (ASBA) and the Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta, we have also sought out opportunities to connect with all of the parties before the provincial election.

Thanks to for the help tracking down the candidates! Here are a list of candidates running for office that overlap Ward F:

Edmonton-Centre Incumbent: Laurie Blakeman (LIB)

LIB: Laurie Blakeman (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

NDP: Nadine Bailey (FacebookTwitter)

PC: Akash Khokhar (Facebook)

WR: Barb de Groot

Edmonton-Riverview Incumbent: Kevin Taft (LIB)

LIB: Arif Khan (Facebook, Twitter)

NDP: Lori Sigurdson (Facebook, Twitter)

PCSteve Young (Facebook, Twitter)

WR: John Corie (Facebook, Twitter)

Edmonton-Strathcona Incumbent: Rachel Notley (NDP)

NDP: Rachel Notley (Facebook, Twitter)

PC: Emerson Mayers

WR: Meagen LeFave (Facebook)

Edmonton-Whitemud Incumbent: Dave Hancock (PC)

AP: Julia Necheff (Twitter)

LIB: Rick Szostak

NDP: Jim Graves

PC: Dave Hancock (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube)

WR: Ian Crawford (Facebook, Twitter)

As always, if I missed someone, fire me a note at