Back to school for Trustee Janz!

I’m pleased to announce that starting in January I will begin graduate work in Education Policy Studies at the University of Alberta. I will be working towards completing a Masters in Education on a part-time basis.

After all, I want to make sure that as a Trustee I’m modeling lifelong learning!

As a Trustee, one of the most rewarding parts of my work has been the policy discussions that we have had. Serving on the District Priorities Committee in 2010 and chairing the EPSB Policy Committee this year has been an excellent opportunity to serve and helped spark my interest in pursuing my Masters now, instead of waiting to study full-time at a later date.

I believe this opportunity will provide me with top-notch professional and personal development and will help ensure that as your elected representative, I am able to bring the most informed perspective to the table. Many of the classes are closely tied to questions around equity, citizenship, 21st century learning, community engagement, and educational governance– discussions that are crucial to the issues we grapple with on a daily basis as Trustees!

As I was told at convocation, you never really leave the University. I have remained engaged as the Faculty of Arts Representative on the Alumni Council, but I didn’t expect I would be back in seminar merely four years later!

Classes start in January and I look forward to the challenge. As always, if you have any thoughts or advice, I would be happy to grab coffee with you: