Interested in design, schools, or urbanism? Come to San Diego this February!

I’m excited to share that I will be attending the NEW PARTNERS FOR SMART GROWTH Conference in February 2012 in San Diego. If you have the time or interest, please consider registering.

No EPSB dollars are being spent on this initiative. I will be attending for professional development (I still work 3 days a week as the Marketing Director for the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues) and to build upon the work I’ve been doing on our Living Local Campaign.

Every aspect of our life is impacted by the choices we make in designing and building our city. Do we want lower taxes, healthy citizens, less pollution and communities full of rich social interactions (smart growth) OR higher tax increases to pay for inefficient growth, more roads, greater auto-dependency, air and water pollution, school closures, unhealthy children, social alienation, and the “donut effect decay” that comes with more urban sprawl?

In Edmonton, Do we want the young families back in healthy, complete, communities thus revitalizing mature neighbourhoods or are we going to continue to offer a majority of the supply outside of the Henday? And if we are serious about growing “up and not out” what are some of the major barriers we need to overcome? If you didn’t see the session Councillor Don Iveson and I held that year, check out the community feedback)

This conference is targeted at a broad range of issues; design planning, public education, LRT, heathy communities, schools, transportation planning, and much more! The delegates come from a plethora of backgrounds, both elected and non-elected, from communities across North America.

As your Public School Trustee I will be looking for special opportunities to learn more about delivering top-notch public education while addressing the unique challenges that come with our urban setting. Design and planning issues, school placement, student transportation, and many of the conference sessions have huge implications on the decisions we make at the school board. I’ll be soaking up the learning opportunities!

Spread the word and if you can swing a conference this year in your professional or personal development, there are many worse places to be than San Diego in February!

You can view 10 years of past conference presentations (video and powerpoint) by clicking here:

Putting Schools on the Map: Linking Transit Oriented Development, Families, and schools: