Dialogue Partners Summary Report is released

A few of you wanted me to let you know when this report is available.


Here is a PDF of the report with some of their findings.

I look forward to a thorough discussion of the report and its findings. I have just read it myself and will be blogging my thoughts shortly. I encourage you to leave comments and share your thoughts as well.

I was a little puzzled at the end when the report was urging the recommendations not to be wasted. The feedback is absolutely going to be taken into account and just because a group of school are not being closed this January does not mean that the feedback was a wasted effort. I have found it very thought-provoking and I believe that it would be just as useful 2 years from now when the moratorium concludes.

The moratorium was designed, and continues to, exhaust and research options and do due diligence in ensuring that our board is as informed as possible and can be as responsive as possible to the needs of the public.