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What most needs doing?

Our mental concentration can be like a flashlight beam. If you don’t focus your efforts and energies on the big issues that matter most, you can get derailed by administrivia and smaller, less-pressing matters and you will never find your way out of the cave.

It has been a week since the election but life has still been continuing at a break-kneck speed. Media interviews, clean-up and much more! Tuesday-Thursday our team was out all over the city taking down billboards and lawnsigns. If you see a stray lawn sign, please take it down and recycle it. We have tried to salvage as many of them as possible for future use. Friday and Monday had trustee training and a great opportunity to meet the new board, administration team, and start brainstorming on the course we will chart over the next year. I look forward to working with our board colleagues and I am excited to start building relationships with the newly elected and re-elected councillors. There has been much discussion about cooperation this past election, so let’s get brainstorming.

I am continuing to work at the EFCL and due to the project-based nature of my work (and the flexibility of my employer) I will be in the EFCL Office on most Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and can be reached at or by phone 780-737-2913. Also on Tuesday/Thursday I will be roaming or in my office in the blue building and can be reached at

I look forward to the opportunity to serve and look forward to being officially sworn-in and empowered on November 2nd at our first organizational board meeting. The meeting will be held at 730PM at McCauley Chambers and is open to the public.

Please continue to be in touch. I will be trying to make as many community league meetings, school council meetings, and other events as possible so please add me to your mailing list or make sure to send me your invitations. I will do my best to attend, get informed, and allow your feedback to inform our board.

What most needs doing?

I pose the question to you and encourage you to email me with your answers and your priorities. If you haven’t signed up for our Ward F newsletter, click here.

Why we need a long-term moratorium on school closures

In today’s Edmonton Journal, Trustee Dave Colburn published a letter regarding school closures and the complexities behind the issue. In his letter, he writes “At a recent forum for Edmonton Public trustee candidates in Ward F, two of three candidates committed to a moratorium on school closures.” As the candidate proposing the longest moratorium on school closures at this forum, I want to applaud Trustee Colburn for submitting his thoughts to the Edmonton Journal and spend a bit of time explaining why even a short moratorium is not good enough for the people of Edmonton.

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High School Completion: Strong schools and strong communities go hand in hand

It’s no secret that school closures and community schools have dominated this election. The media and campaign literature – mine included – have devoted a lot of energy to these important issues. But I have been door-knocking and attending community events since May, and I can tell you that these are not the only concerns out there.

Since May, I have spoken with thousands of parents, educators, and community members, and the high school completion rate is on everyone’s mind.

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Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Nǐ Hǎo… Second language instruction in Edmonton Public Schools

When it comes to public education, Edmontonians speak with many voices. Over the past few months of door-knocking, I’ve had thousands of conversations about everything imaginable. Overwhelmingly, people have wanted to tell me about the important relationship between their school and their community, but I’ve also heard about school fees, the future of textbooks, and everything in between!

Well, not only do Edmontonians speak with many voices – they also speak in many languages. One issue I have discussed many times is second language instruction.

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Early October Media Round-Up

Here are four quick items from the past couple of weeks: