Reading (on the) Railroad

I began yesterday morning with an LRT trip to the Century Park Station. Edmonton Public Library’s first book “vending machine” was installed this morning to serve transit commuters with their morning book fix. As one of the trustees for the Edmonton Public Library, I was thrilled to see an enthusiastic media there in full force. You can read more about the pilot program by clicking here and here.

The link between Edmonton Public Schools and the Edmonton Public Library is obvious. Both institutions have similar objectives and both face similar challenges as the way we record, share, and interact with information evolves. Sitting on the Library’s Board of Trustees, I am constantly reminded of the huge opportunities for creativity and collaboration between City Hall, the public library, and the school board.

As a school trustee, I would build on those clear connections between a love for reading, a passion for learning, and academic and personal success. I would work with my school board colleagues to promote reading and the use of libraries to our students so they can foster their own creativity, spirit of inquiry, and love for learning outside of the classroom.

At the same time, I would work with my school board colleagues to improve the libraries in our public school system. It is often said: if teachers are the heart of the school, the library is its memory. Technologies are changing rapidly and digital materials are becoming increasingly prevalent. The nature of the school library and the role of the school librarian will undergo profound changes in the upcoming decade. I am eager to bring my experience with these challenges to the school board.

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