Archive: September, 2010

Reading (on the) Railroad

I began yesterday morning with an LRT trip to the Century Park Station. Edmonton Public Library’s first book “vending machine” was installed this morning to serve transit commuters with their morning book fix. As one of the trustees for the Edmonton Public Library, I was thrilled to see an enthusiastic media there in full force. You can read more about the pilot program by clicking here and here.

The link between Edmonton Public Schools and the Edmonton Public Library is obvious.

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What I have been Hearing about Inclusion

As I started door knocking in May for my public trustee election campaign, one of the most frequent questions I received from teachers and parents (whether they had special needs students in their family or not) was: what do I think of the proposed changes to classroom composition?

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Scona Pool Stays Afloat for Schools and Communities

It looks like Scona Pool will tread water for another year. After a vote last night, the city’s Community Services Committee decided to recommend that this iconic community pool receive funding in the next municipal budget.

This is great news for the residents of Ward F, especially those of us that spoke with our city councilors and urged them to keep Scona Pool open. As the Marketing Director for the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, I know how important this pool is to healthy, liveable neighbourhoods. I also happen to be a frequent user of the pool myself, so last week I did my part to help with the effort. You can read my letter to the councilors on the Community Services Committee by clicking here.

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